You may be curious whether you should use PC cleaner software for Windows 10 or not. He has both “yes and no” answers from different perspectives. But this article will let you understand if you need it.

Back in the days of XP, PC cleaner software was something special. This immediately improved the performance of the PC. There is still hype around these types of cleaning utilities. There are specific reasons for this.

Why PC cleaner tools are / were popular

Back then, PC hardware was very limited in terms of performance. At that time, a few MB of RAM was special. Freeing up 20% of CPU usage was a huge deal. Especially, low to midrange computers often slow down due to limited power and disk space. When this has been very disappointing for these PC users, some software companies have seized this as an opportunity. They have built quality PC optimization tools with vital features. When people first used this software, they noticed significant performance improvements.

PC optimization tools cleaned junk and temporary files which saved a lot of disk space. These killed the background tasks to free up RAM and CPU power. So the PC immediately worked fine. Slowly, PC optimization tools have become very popular, especially among Windows users.

Yet these types of tools are all the rage. Because a lot of Windows users don’t have a powerful computer. In addition, software and the Windows operating system itself have become more resource intensive. In lower or even midrange computers, the PC cleaner software still works great. In addition, these softwares now offer many more features which also entice more users to use them.

Is PC cleaner software needed? Should you use one?

Should you use PC optimization software on Windows or Mac?

Nowadays, many people have a question regarding the PC cleaner. Do you need it? If you ask me, I would say “yes and no” It is because it does not have a one-sided response globally. If you are an experienced user with good knowledge, you might not need these tools. However, some people may have it How to speed up and optimize Windows 10.

When you need PC cleaner software?

Windows operating system is a little different from Linux and Mac OS. It works a little differently. So, it can get slower easily. There are many reasons why your PC can become sluggish. But, if you can’t figure it out and don’t know how to optimize some things, you probably need a PC cleaner utility.

Is PC cleaner software needed? Should you use one?

PC cleaner software can find and clean junk and temporary files. This frees up disk space and performance. Otherwise, modern optimization tools have features like background task killer, memory booster, game booster, and even some privacy and security features. In some optimization software like Advanced SystemCare Proyou will find an automatic software update program. Software like CleanMyPC, you will find protection against malware. A few of them also have a built-in software uninstaller. Otherwise, most of them have features like registry cleaner, startup item optimizer, etc. These can help you a lot in speeding up your slow PC.

If you don’t have enough time or don’t want to invest the time in manually optimizing your PC, a PC optimization tool can help. You need it in this type of case, and I also suggest you use any of those tools that you like. To see the best pc cleaning software 2021.

When you don’t need PC optimization software?

If you don’t want to depend on just one software to optimize your PC’s performance and you can do it manually, you probably don’t need these optimization tools.

Personally, I don’t use the PC cleaner software on my main desktop computer. It’s because I manage some things and do some things manually. I also have a few third-party tools that do other performance-enhancing things that I want the most.

If you can manually optimize SSD and disk, clean up junk files yourself, and keep your PC up to date, you might find your PC much faster than others. To further improve performance, you can update drivers, update software regularly and not keep unused / unnecessary software on your computer. However, you can do these things manually. You may also consider using IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller to remove stubborn programs from your PC. To update the software, you can use IObit Software Updater. And to update the drivers there are tools like Driver Booster or Driver Easy.

If you don’t want to use any PC optimization tool, then you need to perform some optimization tasks mentioned above on a regular basis. If you can do it, you don’t need the PC cleaner software.

Is PC cleaner software needed? Should you use one?

Final verdict:

I have already answered the things you might have wanted to know. You can use PC optimization software if you don’t want to do things on your own. If you can optimize manually, you can avoid such software. However, some features like malware protection or registry cleaning cannot be done manually. If these are important to you, a PC cleaner tool may be worth your money. Besides, you can try any PC cleaner software for free and make your final decision based on your experience.

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