Steam Deck finally has a release date. Valve has announced that the first consoles will be available on February 25, but you will need to receive an invitation to order a copy.

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After the console was postponed because it was originally scheduled to be released in late 2021, Valve finally confirmed that the first round of delivery should begin on February 25th. for the first customers after booking a Steam Deck. Indeed, in a blog post, Valve shows that these are starting receive invitations shortly after 7 p.m. »February 25.

Once the invitation is received, you can order the copy you reserved. Your deposit of € 4 will of course be deducted from the final price of the Steam Deck. It is also noted that customers have three days to make a purchase, after which their Steam Deck booking will be transferred to the next person in the queue.

The first wave of delivery in February and after?

In his blog post, Valve shows that those who did not receive the first wave of emails may have better luck in the coming weeks. Indeed, Valve promises to send new emails every week, without specifying how many customers will be selected.

So far, it is difficult to know whether the manufacturer will be able to meet the demand and whether all customers who have pre-ordered the console will be able to get it at the beginning of the year. It is likely that Steam Deck’s production will also be strongly affected by the global shortage of components.which delays delivery times for those who have recently ordered a copy. We also don’t know when the console will go on sale without Valve having recourse to this calling system.

Steam Deck is a console that Steam users look forward to because it allows them touse their game library on the go. The developer who had access to the development kit has already revealed the battery life. We also recently learned that Steam Deck allows you to continue playing on your computer thanks to cloud storage.

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