Over the course of the updates, the interface of Windows 10 is constantly evolving and you might not find how to join an Active Directory domain with a PC running Windows 10 anymore. Here are 3 solutions to join a domain running Windows 10.

Note in the preamble that you can only join a domain on Windows 10 with Professional, Enterprise and Education editions. You can’t join a domain with a Windows 10 Home edition.

1. Join a domain with Windows 10 since update 20H2

You can join a domain in Windows 10 from the interface. Apart from this, it has changed a lot over the updates and you may no longer be able to join a domain by the usual route. Here is how to proceed since the 20H2 update.

1. Right click on the start menu then go to System.

Windows 10 - Start menu - System

2. From the tab About, click on Rename this PC (advanced) on the right (or below depending on the size of the window).

3. Click on the button. Edit…

System Properties - Edit

4. And finally, check the option Member of a Domain then enter the domain name. It will then be enough to restart Windows 10 to join the domain. Note that the option is grayed out with Windows 10 Home.

Join Windows 10 domain

2. With PowerShell, the solution goes everywhere

There is also a PowerShell command to join a domain on Windows 10. The advantage of using PowerShell is that the command will not change unlike the interface.

Open PowerShell as administrator.

Type the following command:

Add-Computer -Domain nom-du-domaine.lan

Join a Windows 10 domain with PowerShell

Enter the credentials of an account authorized to join the domain.

Restart the computer, while doing so, with a PowerShell command:


3. From a window run

Another method is to open the system properties from the Run window.

Open a Run window then type systempropertiesadvanced then Okay.

systempropertiesadvanced window run

Click on the Computer name tab then on the Modify button to access

System properties join a domain

4. From the account settings

You can join a domain on Windows 10 from the UI and account settings.

Right click on the start menu then Settings. Then go to Accounts.

Click on Professional or school access then on the button To log in.

Then Join this device to a local Active Directory domain.

Enter the name of the domain to join then click on the button following.

The credentials of an authorized domain account.

Windows offers to add an account. Click on Ignore.

Then restart your PC to take these changes into account.


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