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No matter what version of MacOS you’re running, the Finder is always the primary way to work with files and folders. It’s also true that the Finder has a lot of ways to organize your information both manually and automatically. What if you want to bookmark a folder in the Mac Finder? There’s a way to do it (actually three), and we’ll show you everything you need to know below.

1. Add a folder to “Favorites” in the macOS Finder sidebar

If you want to move quickly to a specific folder, perhaps the smartest way would be to put it in the Finder sidebar (among your favorite places). That way, you won’t see that folder all the time, but you’re still only seconds away. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First, launch the new Finder window by clicking the Finder logo through the Dock (on the left).

2. Look to the left. Do you see the sidebar? If you don’t see Sidebar, go to “View -> Show Sidebar” (via the macOS main system tray). You can also use the following keyboard shortcut: Option + Order + S.

3. Use the Finder to find the folder you want to add to your favorites on your Mac. Don’t open it, look for it. Drag and drop it to the “Favorites” list (in the Finder sidebar) on the left.

4. After adding a folder to the sidebar, you can also change its location. To do this, click it and drag it up or down. Release the mouse or trackpad when you have found the perfect spot. That’s it!

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2: Add the folder to the macOS dock

Then we have another way to mark a folder on a Mac. This time, we will always make it visible on your screen and use the macOS dock for this purpose.

1. Find the folder you want to bookmark. Again, don’t open it – just look for it. (You should see it on your screen.)

2. Drag this folder to the macOS dock (appears at the bottom of the screen by default). Remember that you can add folders to the right of the Dock. The icons in the dock should move left and right, making room for the new folder.

3. When you are satisfied with the backrest position, release the mouse or trackpad. You will now see the folder you want from the current application icons, which are ready to be viewed with a single click. That’s it!

Keep in mind that the folders placed in the Dock work a little differently. After you click a folder in the Dock, you’ll first see a preview of its contents. To open this folder in the Finder, right-click and select “Open” or click once and select “Open in Finder.”

Also, we have another tip. To delete a shortcut you just created, drag and drop this folder onto the Trash icon. This function only deletes the shortcut, not the folder itself.

3. Create a folder alias

And finally, there’s a third way to bookmark all the folders on your Mac, and that involves creating an “alias”.

1. Find the folder you want to bookmark. Again, don’t open it – look for it. In other words, you should see its name and icon on the screen.

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2. Right-click its icon and the menu will appear. Select “Create Alias”. This creates something that looks like a copy of the selected folder. However, this is just a shortcut.

3. Finally, you can place the alias you just created anywhere – on your desktop, dock, or anywhere else in the Finder. And again, remember we’re talking about a shortcut. Any files you delete in this folder will also be lost from the original folder.


These are the three best (and easiest) ways to bookmark all the folders in the Mac Finder. If you want to learn more, check out the Best Finder settings to enhance your user experience and customize macOS Big Sur.

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