Microsoft continues to populate the Windows 11 Microsoft Store with new apps. After the arrival of several Win32 apps like Adobe Reader or VLC, the American giant has just deployed Microsoft Edge on the store of its latest OS. In fact, you can download the browser now.

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At the end of June 2021, Microsoft finally decided to officially present Windows 11, the latest version of its famous OS, at a new conference. The opportunity for the manufacturer to unveil the various new features brought by the operating system, such as the brand new Start menu, the revised and corrected version of Office, the redesign of the Settings application or the modifications of the right click.

In addition, Windows 11 will also benefit from a brand new Microsoft Store. From now on, the application store will be able to accommodate Universal Windows App applications as well as Win32, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) or other development platforms. In addition, the American giant has decided to remove commissions for developers who have chosen to offer their own payment service.

To this, we must add the possibility of downloading Android applications on your PC via the Amazon AppStore, directly highlighted on the Microsoft Store. Note that you can also install Android APKs on Windows 11 without going through the Amazon AppStore, greatly increasing the catalog of available apps.

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In fact, slowly but surely, the new Microsoft Store is its catalog. Some Win32 applications like Adobe Reader or VLC are already available on the store. However, good news for fans of the browser, Microsoft has just announced the arrival of Microsoft Edge on the Microsoft Store of Windows 11.

Windows Insider users can therefore download the browser now just like any other app in the store. Currently, it is not yet clear whether Microsoft plans to offer updates for Edge directly through the Microsoft Store. We bet that this is the case for convenience. Also, note that the store already houses several extensions for Edge, like LastPass for example. As a reminder, the release of Windows 11 would be scheduled for October 2021. A release window recently confirmed by Intel.

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Credit: Phonandroid

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