Microsoft continues to narrow the gap between the PC and Android version of Microsoft Edge by adding the ability to share tabs between the two devices. Already present on Chrome, this feature will prevent users from sending links by message. It will take the form of a notification received on the targeted device.

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Yet another update to Edge, yet another new feature that makes life easier for its users. Microsoft’s browser continues to take advantage of the Chromium kernel to draw inspiration from Chrome and thus improve its experience. 2 years after the arrival of this feature on the Google browser, Edge finally has the possibility of share tabs between devices.

No need to bookmark a page, send a link by message or go through the history to display it on another machine. Users with a Windows PC and an Android smartphone can directly transfer the tab via the option Send link [nom de l’appareil]. To do this, just right click on the link on PC. On Android, go to the menu Share.


Microsoft Edge Easily transfer your Edge tabs

Once the tab is shared, the user receives a notification on their second device that opens the page. Note, however, that for this to work, it is necessary to have installed the version Edge Canary 92.0.873.0 on PC and 92.0.870.0 on Android. Also, the user must be signed in to their Microsoft account on both devices. The first tests show that the option works without a hitch, both on Windows 10 and on Android. However, no availability is expected for the moment on macOS.

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After making Edge Canary available on Android, which allowed users to benefit from the same features as on PC, Microsoft therefore continues to reduce the gap between the two platforms. The firm is obviously taking the example of Google, which allowed Chrome to integrate perfectly into the two environments. With the arrival of the new Performance mode, the software is gradually becoming a real benchmark in the world of browsers.

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