It has been frequently discussed in the press in recent months here at Make Tech Easer: A pandemic has not only changed the way we live, but also the way we work. Microsoft plans to take advantage of this trend and make Windows available on a cloud service such as the Xbox gaming system. Windows 365 leverages a hybrid system to which the workforce moves and allows Windows to be available on multiple devices and platforms.

Migration of mobile phone companies

Microsoft on Wednesday announced a version of Windows that runs exclusively in the cloud. This means that any device that uses any operating system and uses a web browser can work Windows 365. Windows is easily available on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The software is aimed at the workforce to take advantage of a hybrid work system where employees move between the office and the home. Because Windows 365 works on any device, an employee can pick up their work from home without having to carry a laptop with them. They can simply pick up their phone, tablet or computer at home.

“This is our view of the hybrid,” said Microsoft Vice President Jared Spataro. “The hybrid requires very little to re-manage our customers’ transparency model. “

The transition to the cloud is happening as IT increasingly migrates to mobile systems. Information technology is also becoming a hybrid with 2-in-1 systems and generic software.

Microsoft had a Windows phone for a while, but it just couldn’t compete with the iPhone and Android. Microsoft currently has only 30% of the global market for PC-to-smartphone operating systems. This is a significant drop from 85 percent a decade ago, according to analysis firm Statcounter.

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Not because Microsoft suffers from Windows. Last fiscal year, Windows-related sales were $ 22.3 billion, driven by the Azure cloud services business. Don’t pity the company too much – it’s still worth $ 2 trillion.

Windows 365 in the cloud

Windows 365 brings the enterprise to the cloud service to improve competitiveness. The cloud version of Windows 10 will be fully hosted on Azure and will be available next month. When Windows 11 is rolled out to computers later this year, it will also be available for Windows 365. Companies can sign up for a monthly fee, even if pricing has not yet been announced.

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Spataro says Windows 365 also has other security benefits when cybercrime is a growing concern. When everything is in the cloud service, he considers it less risky, although many people certainly consider storing data in the cloud to be more risky.

On the surface, Windows 365 should make our lives easier. For those who work on Windows but live on a Mac, iOS, or Android, it’s much easier to move back and forth. But of course on the condition that their companies agree to order the order template.

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