Windows 11 is coming at the end of the year and Microsoft is keen to let it know. We have noticed that the new operating system is presented in the notifications of Windows 10. A good way to reach an audience not very aware of this kind of announcement.

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 was introduced about ten days ago and you are now in the know. However, this is not really the case for everyone. Many users are not aware of the latest announcements and the imminent arrival of this new version, but Microsoft has a formidable weapon when it comes to Windows 11: this is Windows 10.

We have indeed noticed the appearance of a pop-up warning of the arrival of Windows 11 directly on our Windows 10 desktop. The notification appeared when we started our computer and looks like this:

Windows 11 is coming

A whole new look, more apps, more performance to be creative and productive.

Microsoft Windows 11

It is possible to postpone the notification until later, which makes it disappear, but also to click on Learn More. By doing so, we are directed to the official website of the operating system. The notification therefore does not encourage consumption (the OS will be free if you are on Windows 10), but serves to inform of its existence.

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Note that the advertisement also highlights the new design and the large number of applications, but without going into detail. Remember that the Microsoft Store will undergo a major facelift and will also host Android applications, a first.

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Windows 11 will arrive on PC at the end of 2021

At the time of writing, we saw the notification only on a single PC (build 19041.1052). We haven’t had it on other Windows 10 computers, with the same build or newer. The appearance of this pop-up therefore seems random.

Windows 11 will be available at the end of the year, but those already using Windows 10 will have to wait until 2022, since it will be rolled out in the first half of this year. The update will be free (also if you are on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1) and will require minimal configuration (such as the presence of a TPM chip). Do not panic if you do not meet these conditions, since Windows 10 will remain followed by Microsoft until at least 2024. Note that Insiders can already download the Windows 11 beta.

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