Microsoft has finally unveiled its PC cloud solution, called Windows 365. On a subscription basis, the user can access Windows 11 from any device. The service will be available from August 2, 2021.

Windows 365
Credit: Microsoft

We expected an announcement from Microsoft this summer, it is now done. As the industry increasingly turns to cloud solutions to support users and businesses in teleworking, the publisher has finally decided to lift the veil on Windows 365. A name that doesn’t immediately inspire the PC online and yet that’s what it is. The idea is simple: have access to a copy of Windows 11 on any device, be it a computer or a smartphone.

To do this, you must first take out a subscription, the price of which is not yet known. Only certainty, the latter will adapt to the number of users, the storage required and the installation time. We can nevertheless base ourselves on the prices applied by Microsoft 365, the cloud solution for the Office suite, which offers annual subscriptions at € 69 and € 99. Note that the service is available in two versions: Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

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Windows 11 everywhere, all the time

How it works ? The service rests a virtualized version of Windows 10 and 11, hosted on Azure. As soon as you are in a place with a decent internet connection, all you need to do is log into the virtual machine via a web browser or the Remote Desktop application. And voila.

Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of a PC to empower teams and organizations to become more agile and efficientMicrosoft explains. The firm seems to be targeting businesses in particular, arguing that Windows 365 will facilitate the management and technological development of personnel.

From there to talking about the Windows of the future, there is only one step. Microsoft will certainly have to boost graphics performance and offer a real storage formula to get there, but it is clear that the solution works according to the preview given by the editor of Redmond. See you on August 2 for confirmation.



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