Microsoft Xbox Series X and S consoles accessories

Microsoft Xbox Series X and S consoles are available for purchase, and when it comes to their accessories, only the driver and rechargeable battery are disclosed. One of the key benefits of the Xbox Series X and S is that they guarantee compatibility with existing accessories. We map retailers that offer new Xbox Series X and S accessories at the best prices.

Best price for Xbox series controller and accessories

🤔 What are the best accessories in the Xbox series?

The Xbox Series X and S are compatible with some existing accessories, such as the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and the Xbox Adaptive Controller, designed to meet the needs of gamers with disabilities. Two new accessories are available for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S: a new generation Xbox series controller and a rechargeable Xbox battery + USB-C cable.

Wireless Xbox Wireless Gaming Headphones

Xbox Wireless Headphones

Available as of March 16, 2021, the new Xbox Wireless Gaming Headphones are priced at $ 99. The latter allows you to enjoy 3D surround sound like Sony’s Pulse 3D offers. Battery life even 15 hours of play, he is also compatible cquick charge. Microsoft claims that this allows the user to restore 4 hours of battery life in just 30 minutes.

In addition to this, Xbox gaming headphones offer high quality sound but also low latency. The connection to the game console is wireless and you do not need to use a dongle to pair with it. Finally, there is a fully adjustable microphone. It can be lifted or folded down when not in use.

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Segate 1 TB storage expansion card

Seagate expansion card for Xbox series

The 1 TB storage expansion card is the perfect accessory for people who don’t think an Xbox series console is enough. The price of € 214.99 immediately expands the capacity of the Xbox console. The latter is fully compatible with the Xbox Velocity architecture and provides access to dynamic universes with very short download times, and the key function is optimized for Xbox Series X games, all generations of Xbox combined.

🎮 The next generation Xbox wireless controller

xbox series driver

The new Xbox X Series Wireless Controller is inspired by the Elite Series 2. Its design has been slightly redesigned with its textured surfaces and sophisticated geometry, which increases gaming comfort. Among the features, the controller offers: Xbox and Bluetooth wireless technology, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, the ability to customize buttons with Xbox Accessories. It has a USB type C port.

The multi-directional cross has also been improved to provide an accurate grip. non-slip surface on the triggers, just like behind the lever. Finally, there is also its own share button, which is also part of sharing screenshots and game sessions. It will be available on November 10 in Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue for € 59.99.

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If you have a computer, Microsoft also offers you protection. In addition to the above drivers for Bluetooth, the manufacturer also offers two packages: one includes a driver with a USB-C cable and the other includes a driver with a Bluetooth wireless adapter for Windows 10 for € 59.99.

Rec Xbox rechargeable battery + USB-C cable

Microsoft-Play-Charge-Kit-for-Xbox-Series drivers

This rechargeable battery, which comes with a Type C USB cable, allows you to charge the game controller while you play or after a game, even when your Xbox is asleep. It charges fully in less than 4 hours and is available for € 22.99.

El Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

driver for xbox elite serie 2

Adding Bluetooth to the Xbox Elite Series 2 allows you to connect the controller to a variety of devices. A feature that was missing from the previous model. Microsoft has also integrated a rechargeable battery. An option that players have long called for. The previous model was battery operated (it was possible to install your own battery). The manufacturer has made several changes to the Xbox Elite Series 2:

  • Analog rods with adjustable tension
  • Shorter trigger
  • Wrap around the rubber handle
  • Refurbished components
  • Profile selection -LED
  • New interchangeable shapes from analog sticks and paddles

Like all other Xbox wireless controllers, the Xbox Elite Series 2 is compatible with almost all devices running Windows 10 and, of course, all Xbox One and Xbox series consoles. Price: € 179.99.

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❓ Adaptive Xbox controller

Adaptive Xbox controller

Designed primarily for gamers with disabilities, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a unified device hub that makes video games easier to use. It is available for € 89.99 from the official Microsoft store.



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