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Despite the fact that Macs have earned a reputation for having no problems, they are, of course, like any computer, full of junk from applications and installations. In addition, they, like any other computer, suffer from hard-to-remove applications that leave traces. Macs are usually pretty good at this, as most app developers follow the policy of keeping all parts of an app in the app content folder in the Apps folder … but the exceptions confirm the rule and hey, not everyone follows the instructions.

Even without malicious applications that spread information throughout your system, system cleanup has speed and efficiency. If you have space on your tangled disk, clean it better because free space is a valuable resource that you need to keep running smoothly. The cache for memory, graphics, and the like needs free disk space, and you need to make sure it is as free as possible.

In this article, we look at a stylish new ally in the fight against the mess of the system, Nektony Application Cleaner.


App Cleaner is a free app to download and use, but you can add an important little feature and remove the ads with the in-app purchase upgrade to the pro version if you choose to do so. The upgrade costs $ 3.99, but it’s not a purchase most of us would worry about for too long. But is it worth it?

The program is very neatly designed and serious in appearance, which is a refreshing change to some of the utilities that appear to have been designed by a person with caffeine-related psychosis. It is clean and practical and conveys a certain reliable strength that refreshes this market. When you have software that scans and repairs system records, you want to rely on it right out of the box, and a good, clean design goes a long way in that regard.

The main purpose of App Cleaner is completely remove applications, not just the application itself, but any attachments that may be located on your system without doing anything and taking up space.

The program is very easy to use. First, you will be asked once or twice to allow access to the Applications folder. Once the folder is scanned, you can select the application from the list on the left and see all the attached files on the right.


Found files can be sorted from the drop-down list on the left into groups, including “All Apps” or just “Large and Old.” Of course, these space issues are the most important ones to worry about to save space and improve performance.

cleaner for large and old applications

You can also sort all found apps and pieces by name, size, date, and selected from the drop-down menu on the right and display them in ascending or descending order.


There are two buttons at the top of the left column, although they are not obvious at first glance. The blue button A handles all applications.

application cleaner-application button

The gray R button searches for residues – files left by applications that are no longer running or do not have the main application.

Application cleaner-rest button

These tools allow you to find and completely remove all applications, both those that you have yet completely installed and no longer need, and those that remain on your system even if they have been previously removed.

After selecting the applications or pieces you want to delete, click the Delete button. The application displays a list of things you are deleting. Click the Delete button again to confirm the deletion. That’s it. Simple and clean.

Become a professional

One of the main benefits of the upgrade is the ability to scan for unused applications, which can be large and unnecessary; you can also search the system folder. After the update, all gray menu items are available.


The upgrade is simple: just click the big yellow button at the top of the app and enter your Apple ID. Less than four dollars later you have a fully functional utility with no ads. Simple.

app-Cleaner full version

After the upgrade, you can use features that aren’t available in the free version, such as the delete feature, the ability to include system folders in your search, and of course, delete all the ads built into the app. You can use the app without updating, but the Advanced features are definitely worth it.

app-Cleaner-Scan-System folders


There are LOTS of Mac and system cleaning apps, and most of them are fine. Some are somewhat tellable from a “rinkydink” design and interface perspective, which for some of us reduces our confidence in the app. Obviously, functionality should be the only important thing, but of course design also has a role to play. A well-designed, well-designed and presented application only screams confidence. App Cleaner looks good and works well and everything looks solid and reliable. The application is small, fast and easy to use.

In particular, it does a great job of finding the missing files (left by other cleaning applications in our case) and getting rid of them neatly and neatly. The free app is great to try it out and see how it feels, but just under $ 4 for an upgrade offers the ability to support good software.

If you have any feedback on cleaning apps in general or Nektony App Cleaner in particular, please let us know in the comments below.

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