features in Firefox 33 for desktop and Android

Firefox 33 is available for desktop and Android. You will be prompted to upgrade the next time you launch it, and if you are a developer, you may want to upgrade now. This latest installment is a treat for developers with two significant new features; a media sidebar in the style editor and a flashing paint tool. End users want to upgrade to improved search features and a more reliable session recovery feature. Firefox for Android also supports the new Paint Flash tool for developers. For end users, the new ability to wipe data when you exit the app is very promising, as is the ability to stream video content to Chromecast and Roku.

Firefox 33 desktop

Improved search experience

We group two functions under one head; Firefox 33 does two things to speed up your search. It provides search suggestions from the Firefox home page (about: home) and the new tab (about: newtab). It also does something different to speed up the search result. In previous versions, if you had to type a single word or mathematical expression, the browser would take a considerable amount of time to provide results. He searches for locally hosted sites that match the search term. With this update, it will now first search the web and perform a local search in the background.

Session recovery is more reliable

This is a feature that has failed me a lot in the past, so I’m glad Mozilla paid attention to it. Session recovery is now more reliable, which means that the message you receive that Firefox can’t restore your previous session is much less likely to be seen.

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ff33 recovery session

Media sidebar in the style editor

This is a new bar that appears when the style editor is open. It lists the rules and links to the line numbers in the CSS table if it detects that media rules have been used.

ff 33 style editor

Firefox 33 for Android

Clear your data when you close Firefox

Whenever you quit Firefox, you can now use it to delete all your data. The feature can be found under Settings> Privacy and you can select the data to be deleted. After setup, Firefox will delete the information for the items you selected.

ff android erases data ff deletes the data

Flashing paint

This feature was added to the desktop and Android versions of the app. Before we get into the details, take a look at what the feature looks like in action on both platforms.

ff 33 office paint

ff paint flashes for android ff paint android flashes

Activate the paint flash on the desktop by opening the developer toolbar and typing “Paintflashing on”. To enable the feature on Android, go to Settings> Developer Tools and check Paint is flashing. This tool makes it highlight parts of the page that may have been repainted, for example by hovering over the page element or scrolling. This makes it easy to detect if a browser needs to paint a page more than necessary.

For more information on the new changes, see the Firefox 33 release notes reception and Android. The biggest addition for end users is without a doubt the Android version, which has added better security and the ability to stream videos to Chromecast and Roku.

Download Firefox 33 to your desktop

Download Firefox 33 for Android

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