The fourth OnePlus Nord 2 suddenly exploded in a young user’s pocket. Unlike previous cases where no personal injuries were found, this boy was seriously injured in the incident. So far, the official statement from OnePlus is still pending.

OnePlus Nord 2 explosion

Definitely the black series doesn’t end there. Earlier in our columns, we mentioned several cases where the OnePlus Nord 2 battery exploded suddenly. The first device exploded in his owner’s pocket during a bike ride in August 2021, causing him more fear.

A few days later, another OnePlus Nord 2 explodes, even though it doesn’t even charge. In the face of growing user concern OnePlus decided to open a formal investigation. In September, a rebellious second OnePlus Nord 2 explodes for no apparent reason. This time, the offended user will go on the attack and make a complaint against the manufacturer, applied for interim damages and an immediate suspension of the marketing of the device in India.

Until then, OnePlus could consider itself lucky when it didn’t have to count bodily injuries one of the users concerned. This is no longer the case. As user Suhit Sharma reported on Twitter, another OnePlus Nord 2 in turn exploded in a young user’s pocket on November 3, 2021. Unlike in previous cases, the boy burned badly on his broad right leg, as you can see in the image below.

OnePlus Nord 2 explosion

The setbacks of OnePlus Nord 2 continue, the manufacturer is silent

OnePlus, I didn’t expect this from you #OnePlusNord2Blast. See what your product has done. Be prepared for the consequences. Stop playing with people’s lives. This boy is suffering because of you, contact him as soon as possible, ” he wrote on social media.

So far, Suhit Sharma claims to be “in constant contact “ With OnePlus and clarifies in passing that the manufacturer’s research and development teams are working on the file. Despite this, the manufacturer’s official statement on these several cases is still pending. It has to be said that the brand is expected to take a turn after this multiple explosion and in particular after a dispute over the management of the third case.

OnePlus has decided to send an official notice to the owner of the destroyed OnePlus Nord 2 ordering the removal of Tweets containing images of the exploded device. In this letter the brand accused the user of misinformation and defamation, which at the same time creates a wave of indignation on the canvas.

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