When Android Lollipop has finally spread to the crowd, it has a very cool and exceptionally useful feature that allows you to create guest accounts on your phone. This guest account has limited access and is a great way to hand over the device to your child or friend despite him or her colliding or deleting anything important. Until it is deployed and may take a long time to happen for some devices, we will continue to protect our personal products in another way. Oops! Application lock is a free Android app that locks the apps you choose. The key to opening and using applications is what sets it apart. If users normally manipulate screen swiping or tapping, codes or patterns, this app opens from the volume buttons.

Launch the app and read the simple instructions that appear when you first start up. Tap Understood to continue and you will be taken to the app settings where you need to activate it. For added protection, you can lock apps when the screen turns off. Here you can also change the lock key pattern. By default, the triple volume up button opens Oops! AppLock and all locked apps.

If anyone presses Oops! In AppLock, it appears as a note-taking app (even if the name is not disguised), and it does not return to its actual state until you have entered the password key.

Oops!  AppLock settings

To lock apps, drag them to the left of the unlocked list to add them to the locked list. Switch to the Locked list and swipe down to refresh. When you try to access one of the locked apps, you go to the home screen and you can’t tap anything or go to other screens in the app unless you enter a password.

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Oops!  AppLock list Oops!  AppLock locked

Oops! AppLock works fine, but it has a small problem; when the app is locked, Oops! AppLock displays banner ads above. This is probably a dead gift for anyone who knows that a particular app (like Dropbox) is really ad-free. I understand the need to commercialize an app, but where Oops! AppLock is considering an unusual unlocking method to avoid easy access, it must also find a workaround.

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Install Oops! AppLock from the Google Play Store

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