The OpenWiFi project has just adopted the OpenRoaming standard from the Wireless Broadband Alliance. The idea here is to allow users to move between WiFi spots without having to reconnect or enter connection information.

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The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) OpenWiFi project has just taken a key step. Indeed, the teams have adopted the OpenRoaming standard of the WBA (for Wireless Broadband Alliance). As a reminder, this is an association created for promote the interoperability of services between the various Wi-Fi players.

Thanks to the adoption of this standard, the OpenWiFi project paves the way for instant connection between several public WiFi networks without requiring the user to reconnect or re-enter a username and password. The idea is that the user would have a common identity that can be used across multiple networks without additional interaction.

Transfers between different access points being managed in a similar way to what mobile operators do with portability, that is, when you keep your number when you change operator. “WBA OpenRoaming is a solid complement to OpenWiFi, as both projects are designed to remove barriers to connectivity ”, explains Tiago Rodriges, CEO of the WBA.

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Develop global, secure and free Wi-Fi

As a reminder, the Telecom Infra Project mentioned above is an organization bringing together companies and associations, which work together to the deployment of a global telecommunications network infrastructure, the goal being to offer a reliable and stable Internet connection everywhere on the planet, like what Elon Musk wants to offer with Starlink, in exchange for a paid subscription of course.

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Both the WBA and TIP envision a world, hopefully not too far away, where digital connectivity becomes simpler and more streamlined for the entire ecosystem of communications service providers, OEMs, enterprises and retailers. consumers ”, adds the boss of WBA.

To sum up, the ambition is to create a “single and global Wi-Fi network”That would allow billions of people to connect automatically and securely from anywhere. Note that this technology has already been launched in Canary Wharf, one of London’s main business districts. Finally, it should be noted that this project brings together many supporters, such as Samsung, Facebook, Intel and even Google.

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