Oppo introduces fast charging technology

Oppo introduced a new version of its VOOC technology. This does not improve charging performance, but is a concern for the health of the battery and its protection during charging cycles. By analyzing component data, the system adjusts power to improve efficiency. Commentary.

oppo vooc charges the life of the safety battery

Quick download is a more topical issue than ever. In fact, we increasingly enjoy, play and work on our smartphones. And health conditions since the beginning of 2020 have greatly increased this use. As we use our electrical appliances more intensively, we charge them more often. This affects the battery life (and thus the device itself).

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Just recently, Oppo hosted a conference dedicated to fast download, one of its favorite areas. This conference, the so-called Flash Charge Open Day, allowed the brand to introduce some new features in its own VOOC Charge technology. New features that do not improve fast download performance, but optimize and make it more reliable to use.

Oppo Super VOOC: smarter fast charging improves battery life

At the heart of these innovations is artificial intelligence adjusts the behavior of the load according to the state of the batteryas well as the use of a smartphone. If the battery shows signs of overheating (either because it is hot or because the smartphone is being used while charging), the power will be reduced. If all characters are green, the system is using the most power.

This inspection focuses in particular on the last part of the load when the power is significantly reduced. The result: even if the power does not increase, charging time is reduced by up to 20% According to Oppo. Thanks to this new, smarter charging technology, the manufacturer promises that the battery will maintain more than 80% of its capacity for up to 1,500 charging cycles (i.e., about four years of use).

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Remember that the latest version integrated into your smartphone is called Super VOOC 2.0. It provides maximum power 65 watts. And it charges your smartphone, like Find X2 Pro or Find X3 Pro, in less than 40 minutes. Every day, this is impressive because it means that twenty minutes is enough to restore more than half of the battery. The brand also introduced a flash charger with a power of 125 watts. But it is not yet used in a commercial smartphone.



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