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Taking a perfect photo on your phone can be very difficult, but once you have it, you want to make sure no one else takes it. One way to protect photos taken on your Android device is to add your own personal watermark.

If you took a picture of your Android device, you can quickly add a watermark with a third-party app. You don’t have to use complicated software to protect the image you wait for so long.

Add text

This may not be specifically about the watermark on your photos, but it doesn’t end there Add text be one of the best Android watermark apps. Plus, even though it’s called “Add Text,” you can just as easily add images, logos, stickers, and more to your images by applying the right level of transparency for you.

When the application opens, select the photo you want to watermark, and then under Add Layer, select whether you want to add text, a photo, a shape, or more.

In our case, the Make Tech Easier logo will be added as a watermark. So we press Photo and then the logo is found in our Google Drive folder.

Once you’ve added an image, check the “Blend” box to remove any background and give it a nice soft opacity.

You can reposition your logo, rotate it, resize it, change the perspective to whatever you want. When it’s done, tap the arrow in the upper right corner to save it, and then tap “Save Image” to save it as an image, or tap “Save Project” if you want. Continue to change it in the app in the future.

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Watermark can also help add watermarks to images, but it is a much simpler application. It doesn’t have as many options for editing a watermark. If you like an app that makes things simple, you can try this.

As soon as you open the app, you will see two options at the bottom: Images and logos. Tap Photos to select an image to which you want to add a watermark. If you don’t see the image you need right away, click Browse for folders to see all your files.

To add a specific text as a watermark, press “T” in the upper right corner. Double-tap the text to open a new window where you can add the text you want. Select the check box to save the changes.

The app also has options to add a bold or italic style to the text and change the font of the text by tapping the drop-down menu. The top right corner also has the option to share your creations with friends.

As you can see, adding a watermark from your Android device isn’t as difficult as you think. So why not figure out how to share your new watermarked photos with friends using a nearby share? We can also show you how to turn your flashlight on and off on Android.

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