There are hundreds of ways to stay on top of the news; Twitter, Reddit, RSS, newsletters and so on. The disappearance of Google Reader has certainly opened and enriched this particular niche, and new applications and services are still being developed to this day. Control reader is an iOS and Android app aimed at people interested in technology news. The application is free and very similar in function to Tinder. In addition to organizing technical news, it also learns to identify what you want and record, to give you more relevant news. Like Tinder, you can drag an item to the right to save it and to the left to discard it.

Pilot Reader presents the news one by one. If the article sounds interesting, just swipe right to save it. An animation on the screen indicates that the item has been saved. If the article doesn’t interest you and you want to read something else, just skip it by swiping left. A new article will be in place.

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You can read the article you want by tapping it and it will open in Pilot Reader’s built-in browser. The article can be shared via email and Twitter or sent to Pocket if the app is installed. To view all saved articles, go to the app’s home screen and tap the bookmark button in the upper right corner.

All stored products can be exported via email or pocket. You can edit saved items and delete items you have read. Each item appears as a thumbnail taken from the article itself and its title. Nothing indicates whether the article has been read or not. Items also cannot be marked as read or unread.

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The number one bug in the app is actually the Android version we tested on the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.4. It crashed every time to the point that we considered not checking this app at all. Fortunately, the iOS app works well and hasn’t crashed once. It has been optimized and we have no complaints about it.

Pilot Reader does not require you to register for the service, but it also does not allow you to add or remove new sources, which means it is not a good replacement for an RSS reader. Overall, I like the way the app uses Tinder’s swipe gestures to make it easier to discard and / or save articles.

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