The PS5 is the queen of consoles among video game developers. Although it can not compete with the PC, they plebiscite it for their current and future projects. We also note a strong popularity of Android and iOS, further underlining the growing role of mobile gaming in the industry.

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On the occasion of the Game Developer Conference (GDC), which will take place between July 19 and 23, 3000 video game developers responded to a survey about their current and future projects. Among the many questions asked, one asked them which platform they find the most “Interesting” currently. If, unsurprisingly, the PC wins hands down with 58% of votes, the PS5 is at the top of the consoles with 44% of votes.

In third place, we find the Nintendo Switch with 38% of votes, followed by the Xbox Series X which is granted 30% of votes. Virtual reality is still struggling to convince with a fifth place won with 27% of the votes, while cloud gaming services clearly leave developers skeptical. Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia and PlayStation Now are at the bottom of the rankings with respectively 8%, 6% and 4% of votes.

Developers are increasingly drawn to mobile games

On another question asking which platform developers are currently building their game for, the gap is less tight between consoles. The PS5 still leads the bar with 27% of votes, followed this time by the Xbox Series X (24%), then Nintendo Switch (17%). This can be explained by the slight delay of the latter compared to its competitors, which could soon be filled if the rumors around the Switch Pro prove to be correct. As for the PC, it again obtains 58% of the votes and, at the same time, the first place.

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It should nevertheless be noted that in this second survey, the PS5 lost its second place to the profit iOS (32%), itself closely followed by Android (31%). The two operating systems sit side by side when it comes to developers’ future plans, both with 31% of the vote. Further proof that mobile gaming is booming, taking advantage of the soaring performance of smartphones and an ever-growing market.

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