Sony would start production of PS5 with AMD processors engraved in 6nm next year. The Japanese firm has already mentioned the possibility of reviewing the design of its console to counter the effects of the shortage of components. According to some information, it would have thus approached AMD in order to benefit from new CPUs.


Has Sony found the solution to the PS5 shortage? This is what millions of gamers who still haven’t managed to get hold of the precious console are hoping for. During its financial report for the beginning of 2020, the manufacturer mentioned several possibilities for increase the production of your console. Among the latter, its financial director proposed to review its design in order to benefit from more available semiconductors.

According to a report by the Thai newspaper Digitimes, Sony would have acted on this decision by appealing to AMD. The firm would indeed have opted for a new interior design with a processor engraved in 6 nm, against 7 nm currently. Production would start next year and would be taken over by TSMC factories. According to the source, the CPU would be “semi-customized” and would be cheaper to develop than the AMD chip currently in the console.

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Sony would market PS5 with a different CPU

Production will thus be ready to start between the second and third quarter of 2022. At this rate, we can expect to see the new PS5 landing by now. fall of next year. If no official confirmation has yet been made, this corresponds to the forecasts of the experts, who expect a return of stocks not before next year.

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As usual, it is better to wait for an announcement from Sony before hoping for the end of the shortage. The situation is still very uncertain on the part of manufacturers and suppliers alike, and it remains to be seen whether a change of processor will be enough to reverse the trend. However, the rumor correlates with the claims of the Japanese firm. Hopefully, failing to end the shortage, this solution will reduce the expectation of players.

Source: Digitimes


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