If you have multiple headphones or audio jacks connected to your computer at the same time, it’s a good idea to switch between them quickly. You may want to do this when switching from headphones to desktop speakers, or when switching between a professional audio connection and a consumer audio connection. This allows you to quickly switch between audio outputs (and macOS inputs) on all major operating systems.

Quickly switch audio output or input in macOS

1. Make sure you see the small speaker icon in the menu bar.

If you do not see the speaker icon, go to System Preferences -> Sound.


Click the Output tab, and then select the Show volume in the menu bar check box.


2. Hold down the Alt / Option key on your keyboard.

3. Click the speaker in the status bar. You should see a list of available audio outputs.


4. Click the desired audio output to activate it. If you do not see the audio output you want, go back to “System Settings -> Audio” and see if it is listed there. Otherwise, you will need to reconnect the interface.

You may find that you can also change the audio inputs in the same way regardless of the audio output.

mac audio input changer

Quickly switch audio output in Windows 10

1. Click the small speaker on the taskbar near the clock.

windows-10 system tray

If you don’t see this speaker icon, right-click the clock and select “Edit Notification Icons.”

windows-10-voice control-1

Then scroll down and click “Enable or disable system icons” in the notification area.


Finally, turn the slider next to the volume to.


2. Click the small screen arrow next to the current audio interface.


3. Select the desired audio connection from the list.


Quickly switch between audio outputs in Windows 7

Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not have the original ability to quickly change the audio output. However, using the free app Sound switch, you can increase the capacity in your notification area.

1. Download and install Sound switch.

2. Double-click “AudioSwitcher.exe” to open the application.

3. Click the Settings tab.

4. Select the Close Tank and Enable Quick Connect check boxes.

sound switch-1

5. Close the window.

6. Right-click the volume switch icon in the notification area.

sound switch-2

7. Select the desired audio connection.

sound switch-3


If you have multiple audio connections, you can switch between them using the built-in system drivers for macOS and Windows 10, or use the audio switch in Windows 7.

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