Cryptocurrencies have had a turbulent year, with prices reaching all-time highs and then suddenly plummeting. Bitcoin went from under $ 10,000 for a BTC to over $ 60,000, then fell almost 50%, before changing direction again.

Altcoins of all kinds have seen dramatic highs and lows over the past twelve months. Nonetheless, one of them, the RBIS, has followed a steady upward trajectory, unaffected by the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market. RBIS is the native token of ArbiSmart, a crypto arbitrage platform, licensed by the European Union, and its steady, uninterrupted growth makes it a crypto to watch for the second half of 2021 and beyond.

What is the use of RBIS?

ArbiSmart is a fully automated crypto arbitrage platform. This means that it generates profit by taking advantage of temporary price differentials – that is, short periods of time when a crypto will be available at different prices, in different markets, at the same time.

These temporary price disparities are due to various factors, such as the difference in volume of trades between small and large exchanges. After a short period of time, often a few minutes, the market corrects itself naturally and the price differences resolve themselves.

ArbiSmart’s machine learning algorithm exploits these narrow windows of opportunity. It automatically analyzes hundreds of cryptocurrencies simultaneously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on 35 exchanges. When it finds a price gap, it buys the crypto on the lowest-priced exchange, then instantly resells it on the highest-priced exchange, for profits of up to 45% per year.

Since crypto arbitrage is not sensitive to market volatility, it is a very low risk investment strategy and excellent hedging against a crash. Regardless of the market trend, price differentials continue to manifest with the same regularity and present consistent income opportunities.

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What should you do ?

You must start by checking, in advance, how much you will earn per month and per year, depending on the amount of your investment. Then you can sign up, deposit funds and on your end that’s all there is to it. The platform then takes over and converts your fiat or crypto currency into RBIS in order to generate passive profits through crypto arbitrage, ranging from 10.8 to 45% per year, depending on the amount of your deposit.

In addition, you will earn compound interest on your crypto arbitrage profits, as well as capital gains on the increasing value of the RBIS token. Keep in mind that since the token was introduced in early 2019, its value has already quadrupled and for a number of reasons outlined below, the price of RBIS is expected to soar to twenty times its current value by the end of 2021, and increase by 4,000% by the end of 2023.

What is behind the recent buzz?

The ArbiSmart project has grown rapidly since its inception just two years ago, with a 150% increase in 2020 alone. Since then, new customer acquisition has steadily increased and continues to grow. regularly, as the platform’s popularity and liquidity increases.

Demand for this token is expected to increase throughout 2021, due to the fact that a series of new utilities are in the works for launch in the third and fourth quarters of this year, including the interest-bearing portfolio and the cryptocurrency credit card which, like the crypto arbitrage platform, will be regulated by the EU. In addition, by the last quarter of 2021, the token will be able to be traded on stock exchanges and its listing will result in a further increase in its price. It should be noted that the total supply of RBIS is limited to 450 million tokens. As the community grows and demand increases, the number of tokens available for purchase decreases.

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The RBIS is at an exciting turning point in its career. There is currently a lot of development activity, with new products and updates going on, as well as the stock market listing. Those who already own the token will have very little interest in selling it as prices rise, as they are making unmatched long-term profits through crypto arbitrage and the constant rise in the value of the token.

The Bitcoin ship may have finished its journey, but the RBIS adventure has only just begun and the forecast is incredibly bright.

Find out more about the project or buy RBIS tokens here.

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