If you updated the feature to the latest version of Windows, a new weather insert may appear near the notification area. How do I remove this weather icon from the Windows taskbar?

Windows 10 News and Areas of Interest

Microsoft recently rolled out an update that included a new feature News and areas of interest. The latter, activated automatically after the update, is displayed in the taskbar near the Windows 10 notification area. On hover, an information panel is displayed to display news according to your needs. centers of interest as well as the weather in relation to your location

The latter looks like this:

If you wish to delete this information, rest assured, nothing could be simpler! We’ll show you two quick ways to get your pre-update taskbar back.

1. Remove the Windows weather icon from the taskbar

This method is for users who want to remove the weather icon from the taskbar only on their computer.

Right click on the Windows taskbar and hover over News and fieldsinterest then Deactivate.

There you have it, your taskbar is now free of the weather widget!

2. For network admins, with a GPO rule

If you are a network administrator and you want to cancel the display of the weather bar on all your computers, it is also possible to create a GPO. To do this, log in to one of your domain controllers and open the GPO management console.

Right click on your domain name then Create a GPO in this domain and link it here.

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Now edit the newly created GPO and follow the following tree: User Configuration> Preferences> Windows Settings> Registry. In the window, right click then New and Registry element.

Fill in the registry key properties like this:

Key path: .DEFAULTSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionFeeds
Value name: ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode
Type of value: REG_DWORD
Key value: 2

Apply then validate.

When connecting users to the domain, all PCs will have the weather bar removed from the taskbar.

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