Exynos W920

Samsung unveiled the Exynos W920 ahead of its unpacked conference on August 11th. This new processor is the first 5 mm engraved and dedicated to combined watches. It should equip the Galaxy Watch 4, which will be unveiled during Keynote.

galaxy clock 4

The Samsung Unpacked Conference on August 11 will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 and also the new Buds 2. We must not forget the new Galaxy Watch 4. The latter would be equipped with a new processor that the manufacturer officially announced before this conference. This is the Exynos W920.

Exynos W920 on first SoC engraved 5 mm and dedicated to combined clocks. It is equipped with a 5G modem, but also an ARM Cortex M55 core dedicated to always on screen mode. Samsung is unveiling a processor that will allow the watch to run for seven days without charging and make the new operating system work perfectly.

The SoC has two ARM Cortex A55 cores and a Mali G68 graphics processor. It is capable of displaying a resolution of up to 960 x 540 pixels (which is very good for a small screen of a clock) and is more efficient up to 20% compared to the Exynos 9110 with the old Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 promises to be very powerful

However, the most important quality of the processor is that it is very compact, for example by combining 4G and a GPS chip into one component, just like RAM and storage. Which allows for much more flexibility in design planning. Anyway, the Galaxy Watch 4 would be the first smart watch to include it, but we might see the Exynos W920 in other products in the future.

Galaxy Watch 4 is available in two versions: normal and “classic”, more classic. It should focus on design, but also on the new operating system, which we hope will be as efficient as it is easy to use. Answer tomorrow at the builder’s annual meeting. However, I’m not sure Samsung lives much on their watches, because no doubt smartphones will take all the light during the event.



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