Samsung has just launched a new type of ultra-fast memory, the CXL expansion modules. These storage devices contain DDR5 RAM chips and are interconnected using CXL technology derived from PCIe 5.0 ports. These storage devices are intended to be found in data centers and computer systems dedicated to artificial intelligence and modeling.

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Samsung announces the launch of a all new type of high performance memory modules. These modules contain DDR5 RAM chips and are interconnected via the new CXL standard developed since 2019 from the specifications of the latest PCIe 5.0 ports. The idea is to explode the bandwidth between the processor, these new storage devices and various components – while minimizing latency.

These memory modules are designed so that they can overcome the limitations of conventional RAM chips – the maximum capacity of each module can thus reach 1 TB of data. This component is not initially intended for general public machines. The primary market for these CXL modules is Artificial Intelligence research, modeling, as well as various high-performance applications in data centers.

Samsung launches memory modules of the future for artificial intelligence

Samsung has collaborated with AMD and Intel for this. to make their most high-end CPUs compatible with CXL technology. The South Korean manufacturer has also developed various software technologies around error correction, interface conversion, and memory mapping that allows CPUs and GPUs to use CXL modules as if it was shared RAM.

Cheolmin Park, one of the Samsung managers in charge of manufacturing memory chips, explains “” This is the very first memory solution based on DRAM chips equipped with a CXL interface, which allows it to play a key role in intensive data processing including artificial intelligence and machine learning in data centers and cloud environments ”.

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And the firm to continue: “Samsung will continue to set the bar high and innovate on the side of memory interfaces that can scale up to meet the needs of our customers, and for the industry at large, find better ways to handle the demands of complex workloads. – a key issue for artificial intelligence and the data centers of tomorrow ”.

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