What is a secure connection in Windows 10 and how do I activate it?

You want to add an extra layer of security to the Windows 10 logon process. Thus.

Logging on to Windows 10 is easy. All you have to do is boot the system, enter your login information and you’re done. But this ease of use comes at the expense of privacy.

Programs such as malware and viruses can access your credentials by mimicking the login screen. As a user, you can never know if the login screen is secure or not. Here comes secure Windows 10 authentication with Netplwiz.

Netplwiz fixes these issues by letting you configure your user account settings more privately.


Let’s see how you can enable secure logon for Windows 10 using Netplwiz.

What is Netplwiz?

Netplwiz is a built-in tool in Windows that allows you to change user account settings. From changing your username and password to enabling secure login, Netplwiz lets you specify how you want to authenticate your Windows login.

For example, you can use Netplwiz to get rid of your login password. This allows you to access Windows without having to enter credentials.

On the other hand, you can also use Netplwiz to make the Windows logon process more secure.

The Windows 10 logon process is not flawless. This is because while it is usually safe to use, malware can hijack the process. By cheating, a malware running in the background of the login screen can trick you into providing your login information.

The Windows 10 Secure Logon option fixes the problem by preventing programs from displaying a fake logon screen.

How does secure login work?

With Netplwiz, you can set up secure logon for Windows. With secure logon, you can prevent such attempts by displaying the logon screen only after you press a certain key combination. This combination is usually Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Programs do not have access to the process created by the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys. Since Windows Vista, Windows has used this combination as a curious eye protection period. Pressing this key combination before entering your credentials will help ensure that your credentials are safe from viruses and malware.

Enabling Secure Logon in Windows 10

Windows10 secure connection

  • Tap to activate secure Windows 10 logon Windows + R to launch the utility Run.
  • In a box Run, type netplwiz and press Entrance. This will open the tool User accounts.
  • Then check in User accounts, select the user for whom you want to enable secure login. Click the username in the list.
  • Go to the tab Advanced settings and select an option Users must press Ctrl + Alt + Del under the heading Secure connection.
  • Click Use to complete the process.

Each time you turn on your computer, Windows prompts you to press a key combination before entering your logon information.

So, before you can connect, press the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del, and when the screen is displayed, enter your details and press Entrance.


Using secure login gives you peace of mind knowing that your login information will remain secure no matter what programs you have installed on your computer. Secure authentication is a feature that was introduced in Windows Vista as secure attention security / ordering. It survived in Windows 10, allowing users to protect themselves from malware identity theft attacks.

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