Good instruments have built-in equalizers. Normally, the equalizer is one setting. You can select any type of sound to adjust, and the music is balanced for that. Alternatively, you can usually set custom equalizer levels. Whether you use a preset or a custom setting, it affects all your music evenly. The only exception is iTunes. As awful as iTunes is, it does a pretty good job of writing metadata into your music files. If you use an application to sync music, you can set its equalizer settings per song.

It works on the current version of iTunes as well as much older versions.

Equalizer settings per piece

Open iTunes and go to your music library. Select the track list view from the left column. Once you’ve listed all your songs, right-click on the “Name” field at the top. A fairly large menu of additional columns opens that you can activate. In this menu, find and select the Equalizer option.

When the Equalizer column is enabled, you can configure the equalizer settings per song. Click the Up / Down button in the Equalizer column next to the song.

A menu opens listing all equalizer settings. Choose the one that suits your song and you’re done. Repeat for each song in the music library. When you sync music to your iPhone or iPad, the equalizer settings are written to the song metadata and you get a better listening experience on your device.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the equalizer for multiple songs at once. If you have a large Music Library, you will need to take the time and adjust the equalizer for each song individually.

Track information

Another way to set the equalizer settings per song is to right-click the song and select “Song Info” from the shortcut menu. In the song info window, select the “Settings” tab. At the bottom is an “equalizer” option with a drop-down list that lets you choose one of the equalizer settings supported by iTunes.

We would be lying if we said that this second method is faster. Whichever method you use, it takes time for each song in your library. If you’re not ready to bother, adjust the equalizer to your favorite and most played songs that iTunes can recognize for you.

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