No matter how skillful you are with your Android phone, there are definitely some hidden features you are not aware of. One of the features you can use in Gboard and even SwiftKey applications is to configure custom text shortcuts. This allows you to fill in the text automatically when you type a specific prompt.

There are several uses for custom text shortcuts. For example, you can specify email addresses or location addresses for a single character that automatically fills in all the information as you type. Follow the instructions below to assign custom text shortcuts to Gboard and SwiftKey keyboard apps on Android.

Create custom text shortcuts in Gboard

If you’re using Gboard as the default keyboard app on your Android device, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Settings -> System -> Language & input method -> Virtual keyboard”. Select Gboard and you will see a list of options for Gboard. (Observe: this is the path to Gboard on OnePlus. Your phone may show a different path.)

2. In the list of options, tap “Dictionary” and then “Personal Dictionary.”

3. Select a language and press the “+” icon in the top bar to add a new shortcut.

4. Now all you have to do is type a word in the first box and a custom shortcut in the second box that you want to fill in automatically.

In this example, I want “Make Technology Easier” appear as a suggestion every time I type “MTE”.

5. Just press the back arrow key and you will see a custom text shortcut added to your dictionary. From now on, every time I type “MTE”, it pops up a suggestion like “Make technology easier.”

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Create custom text shortcuts in SwiftKey

If you use the SwiftKey keyboard as your default keyboard application, setting up custom text shortcuts is slightly different.

1. Open the SwiftKey app on your Android device and select “Rich Entry” from the list of options.

2. In the Rich input settings, tap “Clipboard” and then select “Add new clip”.

3. Enter the clip content and text shortcut in the “New Clip” pop-up window and press the “Save” button. In our case, I selected “Make the technology easier” to indicate the “MTE” shortcut.

That’s it. When you type a shortcut, the whole word appears as a suggestion.

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If you use GBoard or Swiftkey, the trick above will allow you to create custom shortcuts and improve productivity. You can also create fun emoji combos with Gboard or share screenshots with Gboard.

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