Song Key Search: Top 5 software for finding song keys (Windows 10)

The music is written with a key. “Key” is a technical term that determines the pitch and scale of the sound of a music or song. If you’re just listening to music, it may not matter much to you, but if you’re recording music or working with it in another format, these are the basic information you should get.

The tone of the music helps determine its mood, i.e., is the music sweet, is it uplifting, is it active, is it moody, etc. If you have trained your ear to recognize the song or the key to the song, you can recognize it by playing it, but for a large music clip library it is best to automate the process self. Using the key finder.

The best software for finding song keys

Music is mathematical in many ways, and it’s part of what makes it easy to find the key to a song with software. There are different types of song key seekers; Some are online tools that allow you to download and find a song key, one at a time. They are usually slow, but they are useful if you do not have a trained ear. There are also desktop tools that allow you to scan your entire music file library to find the key. Here are the best tools for finding song keys.

1. Find the keys

Key search is a portable desktop application that can analyze multiple songs at once and identify exactly where in the key they are.

  • Batch analysis
  • Portable office tool
  • Identifying IDE tags
  • Mac application available
  • Specify custom names / codes for the keys
  • Analyze your iTunes library
  • No longer in active development (but still works well).
  • It’s a bit slow.

2. Rekordbox

Rekordbox is an exceptionally complex DJ tool that can, among other things, analyze the key of a track. You can use it to change the track key and shuffle songs.

  • A complex application that includes tools for professionals or aspiring DJs.
  • Requires free account creation before application can be used.
  • The application analyzes one song at a time (drag and drop it into the application interface).
  • There are free and paid versions

3. Song key song key

Key search for a song is a web application, but unlike many other web applications that can analyze a song key, this allows users to select multiple files from the desktop. It scans them one by one, so you only save time downloading files.

  • Supports multiple file selection.
  • An application / tab may crash if you select too many files at once.
  • Can analyze BPM.

4. Virtual DJ

Virtual dj automatically finds music folders / libraries on your disc. You can add other folders that contain your music collection or sorted files.

  • Complex DJ software for handling and processing music
  • Scan and find the key for multiple files.
  • Right-click the file and select Analyze for BPM, etc.
  • Provides more information about the track.
  • Available for macOS.

Get the song key

Get the song key is another online tool for finding the key to a music file.

  • Simple interface.
  • Analyze multiple tracks simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop the file to analyze it.

Song key search: Conclusion

If you are learning to produce music, it is usually good to recognize the keys by ear. It helps when you learn to play sheet music or when you write something. In managing large libraries, such tools can save time.

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