New leaks help lift the veil a little on what Sony is preparing in the field of virtual reality for its PlayStation 5. The wired headset on which the manufacturer is working could offer a total definition of 4000 × 2040 pixels (2000 × 2040 by eye) , against 1920 x 1080 pixels for the current headset for PS4. It would also have an eye tracking system.

The objective of this technology, called Foveated rendering, is to know exactly where the player is looking in order to adapt the rendering of the image accordingly. Thus, the console can reduce the quality of the image in the peripheral vision, which is less important for the player, which makes it possible to reduce the load required to calculate the virtual image.

The headset should also have haptic feedback to generate vibrations and a dial to adjust the separation between the two lenses.

Also to discover in video:

However, we do not know the name or the date of marketing of the future virtual reality headset for the PS5. In the meantime, Sony has just announced the new game controllers that will be used with the headset.

Source : Upload VR


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