As Ghost of Tsushima reaches its first anniversary, Sony is updating the cover of its game on online stores. The new version no longer includes the mention “Only for PlayStation” which adorns all the exclusives of Sony consoles. An update that relaunches rumors about a possible arrival of the game on PC.

Ghost of Tsushima
Credit: Sony

There are two types of exclusivity today. Those which only concern consoles. And those that concern all platforms, including PCs. Xbox Series X exclusives, for example, fall into the first category. You can find them on Xbox and on PC. The interest for Microsoft is not necessarily to distribute as many consoles as possible, but to sell games or Game Pass subscriptions including all of its exclusives.

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PlayStation exclusives generally fall into the second category. At least that was the case until last year. Indeed, last year, the first PlayStation exclusive arrived on PC: Horizon Zero Dawn. In February 2020, Jim Ryan, boss of PlayStation, revealed that the experience was very positive and that other exclusive games would arrive on PC. And it did, since Days Gone arrived on Steam in April.

Ghost of Tsushima already programmed on PC?

Since then, several rumors evoke other launches planned at Sony. Among the games mentioned by the leaks, we find God of War, Bloodborne and the very recent Ghost of Tsushima, an exclusive that we tested when it was released next July. The release of the latter is talking about her again today on the occasion of the launch of Amazon Prime Days. Indeed, the cover of Ghost of Tsushima has been updated on the merchant site. And there is no longer the mention “Only for PlayStation”.

This mention is important since it is defined the exclusive games of Sony consoles. However, if this mention disappears, doesn’t that mean that the game will soon be ported to another platform? That’s what the rumors think. Of course, it could also be a mistake or a coincidence. So let’s take a step back from this. Especially since Sony prefers to release games older than a year on PC. Horizon was released on PC three years after the PS4. And Days Gone was two years old. On the other hand, God of War has just celebrated its three years, seems to us to be a better candidate. The PC release of Ghost of Tsushima, one year after the one on PS4therefore seems premature to us.




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