With the test of the Pebblebee Finder test, last year we already presented the trackers, small devices to hang on your keychain, slip in your bag or in your wallet. Connected by Bluetooth with your phone, they allow you to get your hands on your small items. Today we are going to focus on the Tile brand, which offers a range of various trackers, suitable for the different objects you want to monitor. Here is the test of the Tile Pro and Tile models in its Slim version.


Tile is an American company that was founded in 2012. Its specialty is the marketing of tracking devices, called trackers. Where other brands are content to make small items to attach to its keys or slip into a suitcase, Tile partners with major brands to add its trackers directly to certain wallets or key rings. Compatible with Android and iOS, Tile trackers can locate your objects up to 120 meters.

In this test, we will focus on two devices of the brand: the Tile Pro and the Tile Slim.

Tile Pro vs Tile Slim

Tile Pro

The Tile Pro is presented as a small square 42mm square and 6mm thick, no bigger than a building opening badge.

Of all the trackers sold by the company, this is the most advanced. With its range of 120 m and its highest sound volume in the range, this is the product to attach to your most important items! In addition, it has a replaceable battery and thus avoids having to buy a new tracker when it is empty. Like all devices in the range, it is resistant to splashing water.

Its central button allows you to make your phone ring, even if it is silent, as long as it is within the Bluetooth range of the tracker.

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On the back of the Tile Pro, we can see the battery holder.

Tile Slim

The Tile Slim tracker has a very interesting format: that of a credit card! Indeed, it has exactly the same dimensions as your bank card, with a thickness of approximately 1 mm.

The Tile Slim will fit perfectly in your wallet, in the slot of a card.Here too, we find the button that allows you to ring your phone and pair the tracker during the first use. The latter, thanks to its small size, does not leave the possibility of inserting a battery, so it has a single-use battery with an estimated lifespan of 3 years. Its completely closed frame gives it a complete seal.
Sound power side, it will be a little lower than that of the Tile Pro, but sufficient to hear ringing even within a wallet contained in a coat pocket or a handbag. Finally, the range of the Tile Slim is 61 m, or half of a Tile Pro.

At first glance, the Tile Slim looks like a black credit card.

The Tile application: all the features at the rendezvous

The Tile mobile application available on the Google Play Store or theApple Store allows you to configure, locate and declare your trackers as lost.

Add a new tracker

Once the app is installed, it’s pretty straightforward to add a new tracker. To do this, in the list on the home screen, choose Add a Tile.

Then select the type of tracker you want to add. It can be an on-board tracker in a headset, a computer or just a Tile Pro, Slim, Mate or Sticker.

Finally, perform the pairing sequence using the “Tile” button on the tracker then wait for it to appear in the list on your phone.

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Your tracker is now added to the application, it appears in the reception list!

Locate a tracker

To locate a tracker, go back to the list on the app’s home screen and tap the button. Search under the tracker in question.

You will be given an indication of the distance from the tracker thanks to the strength of the signal. The tracker then starts ringing.

Customize a tracker

If you open a tracker’s card, you will then see many options appear.

You will then be able to customize the tracker to indicate what is hanging on it: car keys, house keys, laptop PC, wallet, remote control, etc. There are almost as many choices as there are objects to locate!
Then you can also teach your tracker a different ringtone from the basic one, which is useful for example when you ring several trackers to find out which sound is emanating from.

Find your phone

With any Tile tracker, double tap the round button marked Tile will ring your phone even if it is silent.

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Declare a device as lost

If you are ever out of range of your tracker, all is not lost. Indeed, all you have to do is declare it lost on the application and in this case, as soon as a person with the Tile application on their phone passes nearby, you will receive a notification and an email to notify you of the presence of the tracker. . All you have to do then is to go there to be able to enter the range of the tracker and thus make it ring.

Control with the Google Assistant

It is possible in the application settings to link your Tile account to your Google Assistant. Thus, you will be able to ask your Assistants for the location of a tracker or to ring it.

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Where to buy Tile trackers?

Tile trackers are for sale on the official site of the brand. The advantage of going through the latter is to be able to access limited editions of decorated trackers.

However, if that’s the price you’re interested in, go for a ride on Amazon, you will find trackers individually or in sets at attractive prices!

Conclusion of the Tile Pro and Tile Slim test

After 3 months of using and testing the Tile Pro and Tile Slim, we were able to get an opinion on the material.

The trackers are very reliable and their operation is quite in the nails of what is announced by Tile. And this, as much in terms of range as of sound.
A real plus concerns the strength of the Tile Pro. The latter has been attached for 3 months to a bunch of keys that are used every day: at the office, at home, in the car and no cracks, no discoloration is to be deplored.

As for the Tile Slim, it blends seamlessly into the wallet and is quickly forgotten!

Finally, on the mobile application side, it works very well and there are no big drops in the battery level to notice. Just a series of bugs that prevented the ringtones from changing the trackers on Christmas week, but which was quickly fixed by an update after contacting support, very responsive.

In our opinion, these are the most successful Bluetooth trackers to date and we highly recommend them!

We like ๐Ÿ˜

  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Customization
  • Simplicity

We like less ๐Ÿ™

  • Some bugs found in the app
  • Price a bit high

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