Google Messages adapts to the OneUI design on the Galaxy S21 – but it is apparently also possible to use this version on other smartphone models including the Google Pixels, with some minor manipulation. This design is a little more ergonomic, although it’s all about preferences.

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Samsung is rolling out the Google Messages app instead of Samsung Messages on the Galaxy S21s. This decision is linked to Samsung’s desire to help Google deploy RCS rich SMS technology. The problem is that the design of OneUI, the overlay of Samsung, has a lot of personality and that the normal design of Google Messages denoted too much in the OneUI interface.

Google has therefore decided to implement the design language of Samsung smartphones in a special version of its messaging application. The changes are subtle, but immediately identifiable by those used to the brand’s smartphones. A fairly large header with the word “Messages” is for example present above the search field, with the added bonus of a count of unread messages.

Fancy the OneUI look of Google Messages on your Pixel? It’s possible !

This section does not normally exist in the classic version of Google Messages. Its interest is bring the list of messages closer to your thumbs to simplify navigation, especially on large formats. There are other less noticeable additions. For example, the accent color of text in the dark mode is crisp white, while the color is more gray on the standard version.

This is the first time that we see Google adapting to an overlay from a competing manufacturer. Our colleagues from 9to5Google say in any case that it is also possible to use this application on Pixel smartphones, and apparently even other smartphone models such as the Huawei P30 Pro, however, sometimes with some additional handling.

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The application is indeed in the form of an APKS file and you will need a special application like Split APKs Installer to be able to install it. Obviously, this remains of limited interest, and it is also likely that Google will block the application on other smartphone models in a future update.




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