Tesla decided to pay $ 1.5 million to fix the Model S battery strangulation complaint. Many appellants say the software update limited the voltage of the vehicle’s battery.

The process of the Tesla model
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Remember, in 2019, Tesla is in a big problem. Several Model S and Model X suddenly caught fire, especially in Shanghai and Hong Kong. To resolve this issue, the manufacturer then released a software update for these two models. The aim here is “check the load and thermal management parameters ” to further protect the battery and improve its life.

It just turned out that this fix worked reduces the maximum battery voltage for several months, which led many owners to take Tesla to court. According to court documents, this update concerned the 1743 Model S in the United States. And while Tesla had asserted that this voltage drop was temporary, some appellants suffered 10% lower total battery capacity for three monthsand a 7% reduction seven months after application of the patch.

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Tesla goes to the checkout to end the class action

In March 2020, Tesla released the latest update to fix the problem permanently. And if most of the customers concerned saw the maximum voltage of the battery recovered, others had to go through a replacement box (exactly 57 vehicles). As regards the applicants alone, Tesla ‘s reply was too late to justify a class action against the car manufacturer.

And it is to end this legitimate struggle, On Friday, July 30, 2021, Tesla agreed to pay $ 1.5 million in compensation injured drivers. However, be careful, but much of the amount is used to pay legal costs. According to our Reuters colleagues, the owners concerned should only receive $ 625 each. Note that in Norway, the court has just ruled on the same issue. Driver compensation here is much higher, at $ 16,000 per person.

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