The best Android apps you can use offline

Most of the popular apps we use on our smartphones require a stable Internet connection, but depending on your location, you may not always have an Internet connection. However, do the service and download handy offline Android apps when the Internet stops working.

Many Android apps run completely offline or require only a temporary connection to sync data. In this article, we present seven Android apps that are sure to entertain you in difficult times when your internet connection is down.

1. Pocket – Save content for offline viewing

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Pocket is probably the best app that makes saving articles and videos easy to watch later. Save content only Stewed using the share button from browsers or apps, and it syncs with all your devices that have Pocket installed.

The app supports content from popular websites and apps like Twitter, Facebook, Feedly etc. It also cleans the pages and makes it easier to read without further interruption. There’s also reading aloud, which also works offline. Not surprisingly, Pocket offers a few options that require an Internet connection. For example, the Find tab, which allows users to find new content on topics that interest them.

The Pocket has a premium level that offers additional features and unlimited content storage. The enhanced user experience includes a calm, ad-free reading environment, the ability to search for articles by keyword, topic, author, or tag, and the ability to customize your reading experience.

2. HERE WeGo – Offline maps and navigation

Price: Free

Here we are is one of the best options for Google Maps, which brings solid features like full offline access. If you’re going to a place where there’s no good data transfer or you’re just worried about your roaming charge, the HERE WeGo app might be exactly what you need to download to your phone before you leave.

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The app allows users to download complete maps from all countries (100 supported worldwide) and offers step-by-step offline navigation services and a clean interface.

In addition to an excellent offline component, the app also provides real-time traffic and road reports that allow you to select the fastest route to your destination and share your location.

3. PlayerFM – Listen to podcasts offline

Price: Free / $ 39.99 and up

If you love podcasts, this app will provide you with a lot of distractions whenever you don’t have internet to entertain. All you have to do is say PlayerFM topics that interest you, and the app creates an organized list of podcasts that you can subscribe to.

You can choose to update when new episodes are added, and most importantly, it is possible to create playlists for offline listening. Of course, you need to download these podcasts in advance so you can listen to them later when there is no internet. PlayerFM also syncs your settings and offline playlist between your computer and your Android phone so you can easily listen to podcasts on both devices. In addition, the service is highly customizable, so you can switch between themes, even if you can open all the Premium membership you need.

It should be noted here that PlayerFM is not the only podcast application with an offline option. Other applications such as Castbox and Podcast dependent Also include this option.

4. Spotify – Turn your mobile phone into an offline listening device

Price: Free / $ 4.99

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming service that allows you to access millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists around the world. Even if you need an Internet connection to stream music, you can download all your favorite songs and save them to your app library for later listening (offline).

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This option makes the app very handy when you want to, for example, walk or run while listening to music. If you want to access your music library anywhere and without wasting valuable data, always remember to download your favorite songs and albums Spotify so you can keep them conveniently even when you’re away from a stable Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, most streaming applications – including Netflix, YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime, and others – have an option that allows users to download content for offline use.

5. Kiwix – Wikipedia in your pocket

Price: Free

Kiwix is ​​an offline reader that downloads the entire Wikipedia database for offline use. It also supports other wiki services such as Wikitionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikisource and Wikivoyage, as well as Ted Talks and Project Gutenberg. All this information can be in the palm of your hand Kiwix application.

Of course, data sets are quite large to download and require a working Internet connection, but Kiwix allows you to save a file to external storage (SD card), so you don’t have to suffer from your phone’s memory. . However, one thing to keep in mind when using this application is that the search function does not work very well, so it is quite difficult to find certain information.

Alternatively, you can try another way to use Wikipedia articles offline. Install the Pocket app described above and save the Wikipedia articles you are interested in for later reading.

6. Amazon Kindle – The library is available anywhere, anytime

Price: Free

Are you moving to a remote place to escape a pandemic? Fortunately, you don’t have to take a lot of books with you. Just download instead Amazon Kindle and enjoy your complete collection of books anywhere, without the Internet.

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Of course, buying books costs money, but once you’re done, the app downloads the books to your device so you can use them later. Old books you own that you plan to take with you must also be downloaded (at no extra cost) to the handset or tablet you are using.

The Kindle app offers great customization features, such as dark mode, the ability to change font and background, and provides easy access to the dictionary while reading (even offline).

7. Google Translate – unpack anything

Price: Free

Google translator the app is a very useful tool that is handy when traveling abroad. Even if a pandemic puts most trips on hold, you should still keep the app on your phone in case of language.

To ensure optimal offline results, users must pre-load a database of the language in which they want their translation, which requires an active Internet connection. Once this step is complete, you can type the text into the application and get an immediate and usually correct translation into the language of your choice.

Google has also introduced a camera mode so you can translate the camera into any foreign text to get a translation. It also works offline if you have downloaded the correct language pack first.


These Android apps show that going offline doesn’t have to be restrictive or boring, but if you’re sitting there wondering what to do to make things work again, you may want to read How to Fix Mobile Data That Doesn’t Work on Android or How to Troubleshoot MiFi – connection problems.

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