Do you know the best applications to play your Blu-Rays on Mac You have a Blu-ray player but without an application you might encounter difficulties.

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Why is nothing planned?

In 2010, in his day, Steve Jobs did not carry the Blu-ray in his heart. He only saw Blu-ray as a sophisticated audio format to succeed CD. However, for him, the internet is the future. The advantage of the Internet is the ease and speed of access to the file.

This is why, never of Blu-ray player appeared on Mac and that even the DVD player ended up disappearing (but also to reduce their thickness). Thus, Steve Jobs looked at the download industry such as iTunes and all derivatives such as streaming that we currently know, taken up by Tim Cook.

Unfortunately, this refusal to integrate this technology into Macs has made things difficult for Mac users as well as developers and engineers. Users have the right to buy Blu-rays and play them on TV but not on their Macs. Unless developers and engineers have been successful in developing Blu-ray players and applications. But here too, it’s not that simple …

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Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo, a Chinese company, offers a free application on their site: Leawo, the Blu-ray player for Mac. A version exists on the App Store but it is not compatible from macOS Catalina, it must have remained in 32 bits.

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This application has the advantage of being able to read Blu-ray from the entire mode unlike physical players limited by region. This player supports 4K displays but also SD videos through 720 p and 1080 p. A Blu-ray is not only video but also sound. This is why the app supports Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD and multi-channel sounds such as 5.1 and 7.1 channels.

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You will be able to change the audio and subtitle languages ​​as on a physical player.

Although it is usable and functional, the application can take a long time to load the disc. In addition, the first clicks are not intuitive.

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Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro

This application, available on the Mac App Store and on their website, is compatible with the latest Macs and their different versions, including those with the M1 chip. Macgo is also a Chinese company.

The application in question plays your video content, including in 4K. This player will correctly play your Blu-ray, including commercials and trailers before the menu (which you can skip). Speaking of menu, it’s fully supported allowing access to Blu-ray bonuses and different audio / video tracks. However, classic mouse clicks are not supported for the Blu-ray menu. The problem was worked around with a clickable virtual remote control.

The interface is light, intuitive and playback of the disc is fast.

Macgo Blu-ray Player Pro is a paid and expensive Blu-Ray player but more complete and more efficient than the previous one. However, be sure to check, prices vary. At the time of writing, the application is listed at € 69.99 on the Mac App Store against € 29.99 on their site ! However, the advantage of that on the Mac App Store is compatible with family sharing and thus available for 6 members of your family.

Macgo also offers 2 other applications to play your Blu-rays on Mac. One of them is a little cheaper but does not support the whole menu and less Dolby and not 4K at all. The other is free but does not have access to the menu.

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VLC and MakeMKV

Why not stay on a solid, free foundation with VLC? Alone, VLC will not be able to play your Blu-Ray but with the help of MakeMKV who will extract the content, it is possible. With this extraction, everything is preserved: the different audio and video tracks as well as their quality, the chapters and their information, etc. In addition, the read speed read only takes a few seconds.

To them 2, the result seems to be better than the 2 previous applications. Here is how to do it:

Note: the first time, an error message is displayed since the developer cannot be verified. Cancel this message and allow the application in > System Preferences> Security & Privacy.

  • go to the menu MakeMKV > Preferences > Integration ;
  • tick VLC and validate with okay ;

makemkv vlc

Note: this will only have to be done after downloading the new version.

  • close MakeMKV and open VLC ;
  • once the disc is inserted, go to the menu File > Open a file.

MakeMKV is currently in beta. If that no longer works, check to have the latest version.

For applications external to the Mac App Store, you will need to authorize them by following the instructions when you are ready.

Of course, to enjoy 4K, it is not enough that your application is compatible, it is necessary that your screen is too. It is the same for the different sound formats such as 7.1.

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