For some time now, Macs no longer have an integrated CD / DVD drive. For those who still like to buy the physical CD / DVD of games or music, this can be inconvenient. If you want to transfer the contents of your CDs / DVDs or take backups, we have prepared a selection of the best external DVD players for your Mac.


ASUS ZenDrive U9M

This reader is ideal for use without a dongle. Also, if you have a lot of data to burn such as backups, it will do a great job. This is because it supports Disk II encryption for password commands and hidden files.

Indeed, its read and write speeds are important. In addition, this player comes with a USB and USB-C cable.

This player is compatible from Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It also has the Nero BackItUp function for Android devices.

The reader ASUS ZenDrive U9M has a simple design while being ultra thin and light with its 13 mm thickness for 245 g.

asus zendrive um

VersionTech USB 3.0

Among the cheapest external DVD players for Mac is one from VersionTech.

This DVD player from VersionTech is not only compatible with USB 3.0, but it is in USB-C or USB 3.0 (your choice) in order to have an optimized transfer speed.

The reader has another practical side, it has a place to store its cable, ideal for transport.

Like many of these colleagues, it’s plug-and-play (plug it in and use) compatible with any laptop or desktop, but not phones, tablets, televisions, or projectors.

versiontech dvd player

Verbatim External Slimline

This DVD player is USB 2.0 and remains average in weight and size.

Indeed, the Verbatime DVD player weighs 217.7 g for 13.5 x 14.2 x 1.5 cm. So you can easily carry and use it thanks to its size, light weight and plug-and-play use. You don’t have to install anything and can use it directly.

verbatim external slimline

NOLYTH USB-C Superdrive

Nolyth has the advantage of being a USB 3.0 DVD player. It is compatible with all versions of Mac, but also with a Windows computer from Windows Vista.

Thanks to its connectivity, it has a high reading and writing speed. In addition, it adapts to the ports of your computer since you can connect it to USB-C or USB 3.0 thanks to its adapter.

Designed for transport, this reader has a place to store its cable so that it does not protrude.

nolyth dvd player

Apple USB SuperDrive

We can’t talk about Mac compatible external CD / DVD drives without talking about the one proposed by Apple. True to Apple, it is simple and elegant with its 139 mm for 335 g. Its price is also a bit high.

With it, no need to read the description, you are 100% sure of its compatibility with your Mac. However, you will have to make do with a USB A cable. If you have a MacBook, MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro with only USB-C ports, you will need to have a USB-C to USB adapter.

It can be used whether your Mac is plugged in or on battery power.

superdrive apple

For older Macs (such as MacBook Pros) you may even have put a 2d hard drive or SSD in place of this drive transformed into an external drive using a box. Maybe you are more interested in Blu-ray players?



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