The Nazi grammar will help you learn good English while reading [Android]

English is a bit tricky; you are not always sure whether the CH at the beginning of a word should be pronounced as it is in a chair or as it is on a sign. Then you hear the twists of the tongue from the tree of the earth and it becomes more confusing. Words you can learn slowly as you read. Eventually you will have a broader vocabulary and hopefully the knowledge to use them correctly. The most sensitive part of a language is syntax, or grammar. Grammar is an Android application designed as a game, but helps you read books in English (currently only supports TXT files) and improves your grammar.

The app comes with two books, Metamorphosis and The Lost World. You can import the file yourself or use it from the library. All excerpts are intentionally full of errors and are highlighted with other words that are not false.

Nazi grammar corrected

It is up to the user to know which word is wrong and change it. You can edit a word by tapping it. There are several or more answers to the error, and you must choose the correct one. The correct and highlighted words for testing do not change or offer alternative words when you tap them. When you are done with the page, press the button at the bottom and you will get a score.

In the lower right corner is the Add button, which gives you access to the application settings. From the settings, you can limit the number of lines of text that can be corrected to the level (remember, this is a game), increase the font size for a more comfortable reading, and make sure the screen doesn’t dim when using the app.

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Nazi grammatical errors Nazi grammar settings

As a concept, the app is nice because it makes learning fun, but it needs to support more file formats. RTF, PDF and maybe ePUB among others. In addition to being able to import documents, the app should allow users to simply paste text copied from an online article. The app is a learning tool and a game, and there is a common skill level between the two. You have to be able to choose how easy or difficult it is. Most mobile games do not have difficulty levels to choose from, but the learning app should be an exception. The interface is quite nice to read and as long as you can increase the font size, I am happy.

Install Grammar Nazi from the Google Play Store

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