The announcement of Tesla’s quarterly results was the moment for the manufacturer to present interesting figures on the deployment of its network of Superchargers.

A Tesla Model S in Supercharge

A Tesla Model S in Supercharge // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

If sales of Tesla vehicles are soaring, so as not to end up queuing to charge, it is better for Supercharger openings to keep pace. However, even if the figures are impressive, we can see that the manufacturer favors car sales over the establishment of new sites to accommodate Superchargers.

More than one new Supercharger per day since the start of the year

In its quarterly report, Tesla announces that it has 2,699 Superchargers worldwide, for a total of 24,515 charging stations. This makes an average of 9 terminals per Supercharger. A number that tends to increase, given that new sites often open with 12 or more terminals.

A Tesla Model 3 in Supercharge

A Tesla Model 3 in Supercharge // Source: Bob Jouy for Frandroid

This balance sheet of 2,699 Superchargers represents a growth of 41% compared to the first quarter of 2020. In one year, Tesla has succeeded in significantly densifying its proprietary network. In addition, since the start of the year, the pace seems to be picking up: with 135 new Superchargers, that’s cruising at 1.5 new Superchargers per day.

These are excellent results, of course, but well below the increase in vehicle deliveries.

Car sales hitting new records

If the manufacturer is striving to open charging stations at an exceptional rate, it is to cope with the growth in deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y which continues to accelerate. In fact, compared to the first quarter of 2020, deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y have more than doubled.

The new owners, who are very numerous, of course want to have a good charging experience during long journeys, and for that, Tesla has no other choice but to continue to develop its network of Superchargers.

An “urban” Tesla Supercharger

An “urban” Tesla Supercharger

In France in particular, we recently took stock of the network, and Tesla has since updated its provisional schedule, with some unpleasant surprises for France. Thus, for the current quarter, there is only one Supercharger expected (Angers), against ten announced a few days ago.

If the pace at the global level continues to be sustained, it is clear that certain markets are favored by Tesla. Even within the old continent, for example in Norway or the Netherlands, where the density of Tesla is between 8 and 25 times higher than in France, the density of Superchargers is obviously higher.

In the USA and China, the Model Y is already available and buyers are numerous. In Europe, the manufacturer may still be giving itself a little time before deploying its charging network even more aggressively, given that its SUV will not be available until next year.

Tesla further improves the range of Model 3 without changing the price

The Tesla Model 3 now has 614 kilometers of WLTP range, for the same price as before. The manufacturer is taking advantage of improvements in energy density on battery packs to make its bestseller even better.


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