The Walking Dead zombies land in the virtual world of blockchain game The Sand Box

The heroes and zombies of the hit comics and TV series The Walking Dead will be part of the virtual world of the blockchain game The SandBox.

The SandBox (SAND) announced a partnership with Skybound Entertainment which will allow players to create original adventures of The Walking Dead within the game’s metaverse which is attracting more and more users.

Adapted for television by the American television channel AMC, the series The Walking Dead has met with phenomenal success in recent years around the world.

Inside the metaverse The Sandbox, the integration of The Walking Dead will encourage players to unite with their friends and other players in order to overcome the daily demands of survival in a habitat infested with “walkers” (zombies). walkers).
Searching for food, gathering resources, building walls, making friendships and relationships, making alliances, the players of The SandBox will find themselves in the same situations as the characters of the TV series which arrives on its final season. final.

Players will find their favorite heroes such as Rick Grimes, Michonne in order to create their own original adventures within the blockchain game.

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To celebrate the arrival of The Walking Dead in The SandBox, the game will give users the option to acquire Virtual Real Estate (Lands) near where The Walking Dead will be in the Metaverse.
This will allow fans to get as close as possible to The Walking Dead in the virtual world of The Sand Box.

Sebastien. Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

“Our collaboration with The Walking Dead brings a whole new level of entertainment to our gaming metaverse, being one of the most exciting additions to our growing list of well-known IPs that exist alongside user-generated worlds created. in The Sandbox.

Fans will be able to step into an immersive, action-packed experience of The Walking Dead and add their favorite Skybound characters and assets to their own game worlds. ”


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Dan Murray, Co-CEO, Skybound Games & Merchandise, commented:

“Bringing The Walking Dead comic book franchise to The Sandbox metaverse will provide fans with a revolutionary opportunity to play, create, socialize, inhabit and interact in a new virtual world of multiplayer gaming.

It was important for us to provide a rich The Walking Dead experience in The Sandbox and to take advantage of this first chance for players to create and share their own new user-generated adventures with characters created by Robert Kirkman.

The Sandbox Attracts more and more players in its virtual world, this new partnership should appeal to fans of zombies and the series The Walking Dead.
The blockchain game is set to launch its first public alpha for gamers in the summer of 2021.

The SAND price is currently around $ 0.39 / € 0.33 on Binance.

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