Usually, when things break after updating Windows, it is an unexpected problem that will be fixed afterwards. We recently saw October update issues that caused delays in November.

If you’ve recently upgraded your Windows device and noticed that some of your Bluetooth devices have stopped working, this is due to Microsoft’s intentional decision to protect its operating system.

Why was this done?

The reason for this is that people use “insecure” Bluetooth devices on their computers. These devices use keys known to hackers and as such can be easily hacked. Windows tries to prevent these attacks by stopping device support.

This is not the first time a company has performed such a cleanup. For example, Chrome began to address vulnerabilities in Flash by denying it automatic execution.

Nevertheless, users can choose to manually enable Flash in Chrome. However, this update does not yet have a way to authorize Bluetooth devices if they are blocked.

How can I check if Windows is breaking my devices?

Unfortunately, this means that you can’t know if Windows has intentionally blocked your device or if it has stopped working altogether. Fortunately, there is a way to check if Windows policies are being applied.

To do this, press the start button and enter “event logs”. Click “Show event logs” that appears. Now that you’re in the logs, look for “BTHPORT_DEBUG_LINK_KEY_NOT_ALLOWED” in the “System” section and it says “Your Bluetooth device tried to establish a debug connection. The Windows Bluetooth stack does not allow a debug connection until it is in debug mode.

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If you see this message, Windows is blocking the Bluetooth device. If any of your devices have stopped working, you now know that it is a Windows device instead.

How to solve this problem

Bluetooth pause update

The best way to resolve this issue is to visit the disconnected device manufacturer’s website and check for an update on the device. If they are worth it, they should have responded to this update by introducing new drivers that update your device.

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If not, you may want to consider purchasing a new device that supports Windows Security. Get a device made by a reputable company that recently came on the market to keep your new purchase from getting stuck.

Alternatively, you can choose another route and get rid of the upgrade yourself. Return to the previous update and use it instead. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot update your operating system at all, which can lead to significant security issues. If this happens, it is best to consider switching to an alternative operating system.

Bluetooth broken

Companies rarely release updates that intentionally violate compatibility, but this can resolve security issues. If your Windows 10 device suddenly stopped pairing with Bluetooth devices, now you know why and how to fix it.

Was this step too far for Microsoft? Could they at least have warned a little more? Let us know below.

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