JEDEC, the world’s leading developer of standards for the global microelectronics industry, has unveiled the new JESD209-5B standard for LPDDR5X-type memory. And according to the leak, the Xiaomi Mi 12 comes with this new memory configuration.

Xiaomi mi 11i test

Xiaomi mi 12, which is already considered a real monster of the Chinese brand, although it has not yet been released, is increasingly revealed in relation to its future features. With a 120 Hz LTPO display, 120 W wired charging, or even a 200 MP image sensor, we now know the specifications of smartphone memory. As a reminder, a powerful phone should be released in early December 2021.

The Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, better known as JEDEC, recently announced the release of the JESD209-5B standard. This standard includes both an LPDDR5 update that focuses on better performance, consumption and flexibility ; and a new standard called LPDDR5X, which is an extension of LPDDR5.

The Mi 12 would benefit from LPDDR5X memory and a Snapdragon 898 processor

LPDDR5X includes three main changes, including speeds ranging from 6400 Mbps to 8533 Mbps. And according to the new leak, the Xiaomi Mi 12 will be released with LPDDR5X memory. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 12 also uses Qualcomm’s latest generation flagship processor Snapdragon 898 (initial name). If the Xiaomi Mi 12 uses this memory, it could become the first smartphone to use LPDDR5X memory, and the brand would be one of the first manufacturers to incorporate this new speed into smartphones.

In addition to the memory support upgrade, the performance of the Snapdragon 898 will be significantly improved. Previous reports claim that this chip adopts a 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 type four-cluster architecture with a frequency of 3.09. The Snapdragon 898 processor also brings improvements. The chip is actually made with a 4 nm processor from Samsung and TSMC. However, overall energy consumption and heat production are quite high. With such a processor and a 200 MP sensor: one thing is for sure: Xiaomi Mi 12 will become the flagship of 2022.

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