New technology developed by researchers is capable of fully recharging a smartphone battery within 5 minutes. Still under development, this solution prevents the battery from overheating, degrading or exploding due to the power of fast charging.

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If the autonomy of our smartphones is progressing timidly, technologies for quickly recharging the battery are multiplying at high speed. In recent years, smartphone manufacturers have indeed developed several fast-charging technologies.

Xiaomi has notably launched the Super Charge Turbo 100W which charges a smartphone in 17 minutes. Oppo quickly outbid with a full charge in 15 minutes. More recently, Xiaomi announced a 200W recharge that fully inflates a phone battery in just 8 minutes.

Fast recharging that does not degrade the battery

Unfortunately, these solutions, very popular with consumers, damage the cell phone battery. Brands admit that these technologies are accompanied by accelerated degradation of the battery. In concrete terms, the maximum battery life drops after a few years of use.

To overcome this obstacle, researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a new rapid charging technology capable of not damaging the battery. Concretely, the solution determines in real-time within which limits a battery can be recharged high speed.

“We have found that there are different speed limits for lithium-ion batteries, depending on whether they are charging or discharging. During charging, the speed depends on the speed at which lithium ions can pass through the particles of the active material. During unloading, the speed depends on the rate of insertion of the ions. If we could control these two mechanisms, it would allow lithium-ion batteries to charge much faster ” explains Dr Ashkay Rao of the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, the researcher leading the project. In the study, the researchers estimate that a full charge is possible in just 5 minutes.

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Unfortunately, this technology is still in the experimental stage. We are not ready to see this solution integrated into our smartphones. Note that many scientists are currently working on technologies to recharge a battery in a matter of minutes without compromising its integrity. Researchers are exploring the use of graphene in particular. This material would allow a battery to be recharged in just… 7 seconds!

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