Top 10 improvements in Windows 11 over Windows 10

Windows 11 is a rumor in the technical world now. Its sleek interface and inspiring themes received a lot of attention. Whether you want to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10, a lot of changes will be made to the maps based on insider previews. These are not just typical Microsoft updates, but important new features designed to improve productivity, collaboration, and security. Let’s look at some of the most significant improvements you can expect in Windows 11 as a Windows 10 user.

1. Better organization

The first thing that interests you about Windows 11 is its freshness, beauty, and shine, unlike all previous versions of Windows. Everything about fonts and icons creates a sense of class and is easily number one. The level of organization of the different applications and taskbar icons would be close to each other. Organized in the middle of the taskbar, they feel cooler and clearer. While you can get something similar in Windows 10, this is a real McCoy.

Now, you may not prefer a new layout, so you can always move icons to the left like Windows 10. But one thing you can’t resist is Windows 11’s new Instant Layout feature, which lets you work seamlessly with any combination. the windows you want. Imagine writing a Word document and answering a Microsoft Teams meeting call with your co-workers at the same time.

Yes, you can do that in Windows 10 as well, but only Windows 11 will maximize your “size” screen for that multitasking. It also supports multiple virtual desktops and Snap groups for working with multiple monitors.

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2. Android application integration

For many years, consumers have been demanding compatibility with Android apps on their Windows devices. Microsoft has finally listened to and delivered tighter integration with Android apps purchased from the Amazon Appstore. It is now possible to create and download TikTok video directly from your Windows computer. However, time may tell how well this feature works because it is not currently available in preview versions of Windows 11.

3. Launch the search box

Going back and forth in File Explorer to find the important file you need can be quite tiring. Although Windows 10 has a search box option, Windows 11 takes it a step further by including a separate search box from the Start Now button. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

More search edits are available in the Microsoft Store. In addition, Microsoft says it is working to fill some gaps in search results, such as gray areas and recent searches that have been left blank.

4. More space to pin applications to the taskbar

Although Windows 10 allows you to easily pin applications to the taskbar, there may be little space for pins on your computer screen. Also, a messed up taskbar is a nightmare to work with.

Windows 11 provides a more efficient way to manage pinned applications by using a maximized partition where you can easily pin multiple applications and drag them from the taskbar. Once this mode is used, you can also move the next pin group to another page.

5. Raging tablet mode

For those looking for a user experience with apps and icons, Windows 11’s tablet mode promises to be a real deal. It also requires that you enable the option to press buttons in Windows Explorer. Microsoft says it will make touches more responsive, engaging and size-matched. Of course, to use tablet mode, your device must have a touch screen interface.

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6. One-touch collaboration

Another advantage of the touch screen function is the quick response from different applications. With the new version of Windows, you can start Microsoft Teams collaboration just by tapping (or clicking) on ​​the taskbar. Teams and chat are now tightly integrated into the screen. You can mute or unmute immediately and start the presentation directly from the taskbar.

7. The ultimate DirectX 12 gaming experience

Players rejoice! Microsoft promises to bring the next level of gaming experience with DirectX 12 Ultimate. It has features such as real-time beam tracking and eye shading. The end result is first-class graphics and a very high frame rate, giving a relaxed seat edge gaming experience. Add automatic HDR support and immersive sounds (both supported in Windows 11) to take your game to the next level.

8. Advanced protection

In general, Microsoft provides primary support for its latest operating systems. Although Windows 10 will be fully supported until June 2025 and will remain secure until then, Windows 11 will have its own advanced security features. Part of this is due to device encryption, virtualization-based security (VBS), UEFI Secure Boot, and the integrity of its core memory. This makes Windows 11 devices much more resistant to malware and external attacks than any previous Microsoft operating system.

9. Add widget options

We are not all fans of widgets. They can be boring, distracting, and seem random when we don’t want them. That’s why Microsoft claims to bring in a new Widget feature that “slides on your screen like a glass plate”. The idea is that it will not interfere with other display functions.

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10. Acrylic Contact Menus

This has just arrived. Windows 11 may have an acrylic connection menu function. The overall look becomes more translucent with bright and rich colors. This is just a simple change in brush design, but it has huge potential thanks to the beautiful rendering of apps and browsers.

The official release of Windows 11 is just a few months away. We’ve covered some of the unique features and capabilities that set it apart from Windows 10. Does your current Windows 10 device support Windows 11? You can find it in our Ultimate Compatibility Checker Guide.

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