The best free software for PC gaming in 2021: So you bought yourself or built a gaming PC. Now it takes pride of place in your desk, waiting to be pushed to the limit.

Whatever its origin, this mass of silicon and plastic requiring superior software allows it to adapt to these limits. The catch? You’ve spent all of your money on your platform and now your bank balance looks markedly depleted.

The solution? Our carefully crafted collection of free healing products, of course. These 5 Best Free PC Gaming Software will help you turn your soaring beast into a towering powerhouse, letting you keep pace with the frames, chat online with a voice, and stream like a seasoned pro.

List of the 5 Best Free Software for PC Gaming in 2021:

1. Free software for PC Gamer Steam:

Best free software for your gaming pc

Ok, this one is an easy sell. If you’ve built or bought a new gaming PC for the sole purpose of gaming, there is software you just can’t do without: good ol ‘Steam.

Steam provides PC owners with a secure business ecosystem, typically associated with closed consoles. You can search for free games, inexpensive indie movies, or full triple A titles, and launch them right from the software. There is even support for achievements, as well as the mode Big Picture for games from your couch.

2. Free software for PC Gamer Hamachi:

free software for pc gamer

If you want to run secure meetings or record multiple contributors in a podcast or gaming session, you need to be able to rely on a VPN (virtual private network) strong and robust.

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As you might expect, Hamachi is completely free, but don’t let the lack of a price tag scare you – free certainly doesn’t mean “cheap”.

Hamachi allows you to establish a tight network between multiple computers and do everything from sharing files to playing private games, using super secure P2P protocol to ensure seamless access to servers, firewalls and routers. It has one of the simplest interfaces we’ve ever used in the VPN world. Therefore, if you are relatively new to this concept, Hamachi will not really make you feel.

free software for pc gamer

Razer, as a longtime PC gaming peripherals manufacturer, also makes some very powerful free software to optimize your machine. Sure, parts of the sequel will take you to some of Razer’s premium apps, but there’s still plenty of free gold left to mine from Razer Cortex: Game Booster.

It was designed to work with all types of PC. Therefore, whether it is to build a base version or to assemble a fully inflated monster, Game Booster has something to offer your machine. Whether you use Steam, Origin, or any other platform to launch your games, Game Booster will start trying to improve your settings to automatically improve your experience.

This is very smart free software for PC Gamers and is ideal if you are looking for an additional improvement without too much effort. This is also great if you want to make an old PC work a little harder.

4.essential software for pc gamer TeamSpeak:

free software for pc gamer

Gambling can be a great source of escape, but not much compares to being able to sign up online with your friends for a good chat through your headset. Whether you want to connect to World of warcraft or just chew on fat while everyone plays their own way, a great app VoIP (Internet protocol by voice) is essential.

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There are a lot of options when it comes to voice chat, but our favorite VoIP app is TeamSpeak. You can easily connect with your friends and its suite of options is truly impressive – it lets you adjust sound levels, use echo reduction, and even use encryption.

TeamSpeak is free for daily use of non-commercial computers, but you will need to open your wallet to rent a server or use the mobile app.

free software for pc gamer

Originally, MSI wrote to Afterburner to overclock its own line of graphics cards, but the software has since been opened up to allow Nvidia and AMD card owners to push their hardware to the limit. If you even want your new gaming PC’s graphics card to hit the price tag, free MSI Afterburner optimization software is essential.

Think of MSI Afterburner as a way to unleash the inner potential of your GPU: the software opens the voltage settings of the chosen hardware and allows you to improve its overall performance.

Video memory and clock speed are the two areas where MSI Afterburner shines the most when it comes to overclocking your machine. Be warned, however: if you change these settings, your cooling system can seriously overheat. So make sure your cooling unit is set to maximum before you start baking your GPU.

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