Recently, the Day One journaling program switched to a (somewhat pricey) monthly subscription model, which charges an annual fee for storing app data. And because the app aims to maintain a long-term archive of your daily life, such subscription fees can lead to significant payments throughout your lifetime. It has left many users looking for first day options for the Mac. We have searched the web for valid replacement products and compiled the list below.

1. Evernote

Meanwhile Evernote is far from a separate log application, it contains a lot of features you can expect from day one. Rich text technologies such as audio, images and even video are fully supported. You can create and edit multiple logs in Mac and iOS apps, or use the web interface if you don’t have access to the apps.

And because Evernote has been around for years and seems to be working well, a sudden cessation or change in commercialization strategy seems unlikely. Plus, Evernote is by far the best note-taking app for the Mac.

Unfortunately, your notes are saved in obscure form, so it’s hard to figure out what it is without the app. It’s a major blow to longevity, but the app is easy to use locked.

Evernote applications can also extend the basic functionality of an application: pair with it Substitute note to get as little interface as possible, or pick up updates and photos from your social media accounts. The paid version is subscription-based, but unless you like newspaper updates with a lot of media content, the free version should cover the needs of your log.

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2. Tourism

day-one-mac-travel options

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