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If you’re an Apple enthusiast (and even we think if you aren’t), you know that Apple makes high-quality electronics for the home. The only time this technology paradise will become a less perfect world for some users is if those users haven’t invested 100 percent in Apple’s ecosystem. Apple likes to work in a kind of “closed room,” where the boundaries of your world are within the walls of your iPod, iPhone, Mac, and most of all, your Apple TV and computer. ‘ITunes.

If you buy TV shows and movies from iTunes, let’s say that if you want to watch them on a real TV (instead of an iPhone or iPad), you’ll be happy to buy and stay on Apple TV. Ecosystem. It’s great if you’re genuinely happy about it. That’s great, but what if you don’t want to or can’t do it? What if your media ecosystem includes Apple products and also includes Android, Raspberry Pi homebrew series, Windows computers, and Linux boxes?

The benefit is that the content you pay for can be easily transferred to another device without having to hit the metal too hard.

DRM disappears

If your living room media player and TV aren’t from Cupertino, California, you have a problem, though TunesKit DRM M4V Converter is a clean and simple tool for this purpose. For example, if you have a Raspberry Pi with OSMC, or if you’re using a USB media player on the back of your TV, you’ll have to constantly respond to the ironically named Fairplay DRM encoding in all your iTunes video files.

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Tuneskit DRM M4V converter (available for both Mac and windows) completely circumvents DRM or digital rights management, which is designed to stop illegal file sharing. However, this should not prevent the rightful owners of the content from viewing it where it suits them. Tuneskit provides a simple and clean interface with a clear view of what needs to be done.

Multiple Setup screens allow you to select any HD or SD video and audio, and even online video such as YouTube and Vimeo.

tuneskit-hd-video options

In addition, you can choose whether the resolutions support a wide variety of popular devices.


The software launches iTunes automatically, and you must authorize your computer to play iTunes videos (if you haven’t already). This is because Tuneskit seems to use iTunes to play the video and capture the stream during playback.

Then import the files for conversion by clicking the “Add” button and since iTunes is open, the software will know the location of your iTunes videos.


Press the big blue “Convert” button and you’re ready to go. If you use trial software, it is limited to five minutes of encoding, but you can purchase it and sign up for full captures.

tuneskit trial

The progress wheel shows the current capture and the file is saved to the specified location on the disk.


Everything is done and you can drag your media content to any device and play it wherever you want.


Clearly, bypassing DRM encoding is legally a bit of a gray area. Of course, you should let it do what you want with the product you buy, but of course Apple and the MPAA may have a bad opinion on that kind of thing. However, as long as you own the media to be converted, it is fair enough to copy it yourself.

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The software is easy and fun to use, and the resulting video footage is of Good Quality and well withstands the quality of the original content. You can change the settings and reduce the compression to reduce the number of visible objects. The defaults are for small file sizes and therefore quite heavily compressed, but if quality is your thing, you can get it at the cost of large files. Your choice. Also, the capture has the same resolution as the original, unless you specify it otherwise.

All in all, a simple and effortless solution.

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