There is no notice of the end of the meeting. Meetings are no longer limited to one room. They are virtual, and there are separate applications for virtual meetings, with video chat and screen sharing tools. Unfortunately, these tools cannot handle a lot of system notifications. Silence is an application specifically designed for this purpose. It automatically turns on Do Not Disturb when screen sharing is active on your desktop. It currently supports Slack, FaceTime, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, and Unfortunately, it does not support Skype at this time, at least not reliably. The developer does not list it as a supported application, but previous change logs indicate that it is difficult to detect when screen sharing in Skype is in progress.

Enable Do not disturb when sharing the screen

Download and run Silence. For the app to work, you need to give it access to accessibility settings. These are actually all the system requirements for Muzzle to work.

The muzzle starts quietly from the menu bar. When you start sharing your screen with any supported app, it will automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb feature so that no messages appear on the screen that disturb or disturb you during the meeting.

Muzzle does not silence notifications itself. It’s based entirely on the macOS Don’t Disturb feature, which lets you add exceptions, as you know. When the muzzle is running and in Do Not Disturb mode, the exceptions you added will still exist and you will see allowed notifications even if the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on.

Views and games

The muzzle is designed for effortless screen sharing. It is basically that notifications are kept off the screen if you do not remember to enable the Do Not Disturb feature before starting a call or screen sharing session. Of course, it is not the only niche where such an application can be useful. The app can be just as useful for anyone who regularly records screens. To do this, it should support sending images via applications and can start with QuickTime.

Gaming is another area where the app can come in handy. If you play the game in full screen mode, Do Not Disturb will be activated automatically. This is by no means straightforward as there are many games and there is also the fact that the notification does not interrupt the game in the same way as it interrupts the screen sharing. Nevertheless, the concept is great and there are many other areas where it can be useful.

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