With the release of HomePod mini, a new feature has arrived: Intercom. It’s a bit like the Walkie-Talkie except that, as updates go, it’s not just for one iDevice. Indeed, the functionality Intercom is available on the HomePod then arrived on the iPhone and other iDevices.

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IDevices compatible with Interphone

The main condition for your iDevice to be compatible with Intercom, it’s his OS (operating system):

If the HomePod or HomePod mini is running iOS 14.2, you can also count on:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, AirPods, CarPlay under iOS 14.2;

Note : To enjoy Intercom with your AirPods, they must be connected to a compatible device.

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Updating HomePod in iOS 14.2

In addition, the person must be part of your home in Home and have been authorized to use Intercom so that their compatible Apple device can use the Intercom feature.

Mac and Apple TV are not compatible with this feature.

Set up Intercom for the 1st time on your iPhone

You can turn it on or off at any time, but there is the 1st time:

  • update your HomePod to iOS 14.2;
  • open the app House on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for the 1re times after updating HomePod;

A window appears inviting you to configure Intercom :

  • Press on Carry on ;
  • choose when this device can receive notifications: Never, When I am at home or Anywhere and validate with Carry on ;
  • as the head of the family, you will have an additional screen to decide which member of your home is authorized to use Interphone.
iphone home activate intercom

Each person’s device will have these setup screens.

Access these settings

These choices, previously made, can be changed at any time. You can even decide which HomePods may or may not use the feature Intercom.

  • open the app House ;
  • press the house icon at the top left of the screens in the menu House or Rooms ;
  • Press on Home Settings ;
  • select Intercom ;
  • modify, or not:
    • when you receive notifications,
    • authorizations depending on the person and
    • HomePods authorized to use the Intercom feature.
iphone home intercom settings

You will notice that if you are not the one who manages the home, only the notification settings will be accessible to you, the others will be grayed out.

Use and operation Intercom on your HomePod, iPhone and other iDevices

Operation and reception of messages

The settings are made, let’s get down to business: the use of Intercom with the different iDevices. The message the device receives will be a recording of your voice and not Siri’s.

When receiving a message, your HomePod will warn you with a sound alert and then play the message, you don’t have to do anything.

Where HomePod does not ask for your opinion, on other iDevices you will have a notification that must be opened to hear the message. The message will not be delivered without 2 actions on your part:

  • open the notification;
  • press the “play” button.
iphone notification intercom

With Siri

Functionality Intercom with HomePods, iPhones and other compatible iDevices can use Siri. For some, it is even the only solution.

If you want challenge all people (and their devices) is the easiest.

  • ” Say Siri, intercom : we are going to eat, wash your hands first “;
  • ” Say Siri, ask everyone : has someone fed the cat? “.

You have to trigger the intercom feature then state the message that will be transmitted.

In these cases, by default and unspecified, when one person responds, they respond to everyone as well “Hey Siri, answer : yes 15 minutes ago “.

You cannot decide that one person, or one device, receives your message. Except for a HomePod. You must therefore specify the name of HomePod or the room in which it is located:

  • ” Say Siri, answer the kitchen : I arrive ! “;
  • ” Say Siri, notify the room : I’ll meet you in 5 minutes “.

Note : said like that, it’s not French, but if you say “Hey Siri, let the room know that I will meet him in 5 minutes”, the person in the room will hear “that I will join him in 5 minutes”. It works, but it’s just as strange.

apple watch intercom
“Apartment” is the name given to the home

From the app for iOS and iPadOS

This is where the application House comes into play on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

  • open the app House ;
  • in the upper right corner, tap the icon of theIntercom ;
  • state your message;

Note : unspecified, your message will be sent to all devices.

  • Press on okay to validate and send your message.
iphone home use interpone

If you do not see the intercom icon, it is because it is not activated on this device or on your profile. Follow the steps in the paragraph “Accessing the settings”. If you still can’t, the person who manages this home hasn’t given you permission to use this feature.

Devices tend to come together and use similar functionality. However, the Intercom feature is well compatible with your HomePod, iPhone and other iDevices except a Mac or Apple TV.

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