Is this a decade of podcast attack? I started thinking so, and I started falling in love with him. As an Android user, I recognize and acknowledge that Apple has long had an advantage in this category. Google has tried unsuccessfully to come up with a standalone podcast app that could compete with iOS. Looks almost like they’ve given up. Now they have released Google Podcasts, hoping to fight again.

Initially, this app is much missing and is unlikely to attract loyal users of third-party apps to Google Side. But if you’re interested in trying it out in terms of size, here are some tips for using it.


Please download the application first Play in the store. You also need the latest version of Google and Google Assistant to make it work together.

When you open the Google Podcast, you’ll notice that it looks minimalist. There is nothing on the screen other than what is needed to run the program.

After the first use, you will see a section called “For You”. This section has three tabs: a list of new podcast episodes you’ve already subscribed to, episodes you’re listening to but not yet finalized, and your downloads.


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